With great anticipation and with Halloween nearing, Kami Van Halst has two musical treats for fans with new singles “My Alice” featuring the masterful Phil X from Bon Jovi on guitar and “Jack and Sally’s Song” featuring Paul Woida.

The haunting new piece, “My Alice” is a sinister homage to the enigmatic Alice Cooper. In this electrifying tribute, Kami Van Halst delves into the dark, theatrical, and rebellious essence that defines Alice Cooper’s legacy. The song encapsulates the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, unleashing its wild and untamed energy for music lovers worldwide. “My Alice” is a powerful, head-banging masterpiece that bridges generations of rock enthusiasts.

“This has been a labour of devotion, nurtured in shadows for what feels like an eternity. What could be more fitting for this monstrous revelation than Halloween time? For too long, our band has harbored this dark symphony, yearning for the perfect moment. The torment of waiting has made it all the sweeter. I must extend my deepest gratitude to our producer, Arnold Lanni, who delved fearlessly into this odyssey, pushing the boundaries of my artistry. To my band, my brethren, who poured their souls into the writing and playing, enduring the agonizing wait for this release. Step right up, for the show is about to begin, and the mysteries of the night await you under the big top.” adds Kami.

Listen now to “My Alice” as Kami Van Halst channels her inner Alice Cooper and rocks the stage!

As an added bonus for Halloween lovers and fans of the beloved movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Kami Van Halst and her husband, Paul Woida, bring to life the enchanting love story of Jack and Sally with their rendition of “Jack and Sally’s Song”. This hauntingly beautiful tribute to the iconic film captures the magic and melancholy of Halloween Town while blending Kami’s vocal prowess with Paul’s musical talents. The song is a heartfelt homage to the creativity and imagination of Tim Burton’s masterpiece and a perfect addition to any Halloween playlist. Experience the magic of Jack and Sally’s love story in a whole new way.

In additional news, Kami Van Halst is working on her metamorphosis into the enigmatic Jezebel Slade, a fierce and untamed force of nature. With an enthralling stage presence and a captivating aura, Jezebel Slade commands the spotlight like a true rock goddess.

With her upcoming album, set to unleash its raw power in 2024, her new persona Jezebel Slade will take the reins and plunge audiences into a whirlwind of gothic whimsy. Co-written and produced by the legendary diamond award-winning producer, Arnold Lanni, the yet-to-be-titled full-length is the epitome of goth-rock brilliance.

Jezebel Slade’s performance is not just a show; it’s a full-blown experience that will leave you spellbound and craving for more. As she weaves her dark tales and unleashes her fiery melodies, you’ll find yourself entranced by her daring spirit and fearless artistry.

The legacy of Kami Van Halst and Jezebel Slade is about to shake the very foundations of rock and roll royalty. Their fusion of creativity, passion, and unapologetic attitude sets them apart as true trailblazers of the genre.

So get ready to embrace the chaos, surrender to the power, and witness the rise of the Heavy Metal Lady Gaga and her audacious stage alter ego, Jezebel Slade. The jezebelion has just begun, and there’s no turning back.