Available right now through all legal platforms.

A few days after the official release of its debut EP, French intergalactic stoner-rock band YOJIMBO shared the full effort for FREE STREAMING on YouTube thanks to the courtesy of the MrDoom666 Channel.

For reminder, the EP is still available on CD & Digital on Bandcamp and all streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc.).

For the record
YOJIMBO let out their first cry in spring 2019. With drums sometimes frantic other times in step, a feminine voice wild and heavenly at the same time, and three heavy and fuzzy guitars: the tone is given.

Their influences go between the catchy licks of Stoner Rock, riffs invoked by Doom and the spatial ambiances at the border of Post-Rock.

On Spring 2022, the band released its debut and self-titled EP.