Nxxses and XLUCIFERLUX collaborate on a brand-new track called BLXXD SXXKED!

Pre-save the track here: BLXXD SXXKED by XLUCIFERLUX & Nxxses – DistroKid


Nxxses – An all-encompassing alternative artist, rapper, & songwriter who doesn’t limit himself to just one genre, Nxxses makes music from the veins of metal, hip-hop, and electronic, including everything in between. Whatever demographic, he has an audience, yet stays true to himself and his identity above all.

XLUCIFERLUX – From the early MySpace bands tio now a more established sound, this guitarist & producer is no stranger to the heavy side of things. Based in Tucson, Arizona, and gone from being in a few local bands to build, grow, and polish his sound – to being able to record & produce his own music; taking influences from an assortment of different genres, the primary focus was always to aim for heavy and brutal music