The death-punk hybrid WULFSKOL and grinding metal punk outfit HEXELLA unleash the ever-darkening realms in their upcoming split album, Burn With Us. Having sculpted a distortion fueled escape into the abyss, Burn With Us will be released on March 31 via Goat Throne Records.

WULFSKOL unearth an unhinged attack of speed and anguish with their opening track “Deliver Us To Evil”. The quartet bring a high-octane approach to the murky gloom with dynamic rhythms and a punk-twist which continues into “Violator”. A heavy invasion of the senses, hefty guitars bring an immense sound to this track. Their cover of SLAYER’s “Evil Has No Boundaries” yields a devilish flair with loud and noisy instrumentation accompanied by monstrous choir of lost souls. Meanwhile, HEXELLA deliver a ferocious onslaught of intense heavy guitars, unforgiving bass and thundering percussion, all of which is enhanced with demonic vocals manifesting from Noelia Garza. HEXELLA’s offering begins with “Midnight’s On Fire”, a fierce demonstration of their monstrous sound. “Mal Creada” unleashes all fury with high intensity that runs throughout the entire track contrasts with the riff-filled, rhythmic nature of the BATHORY cover “You Don’t Move Me (I Don’t Give A Fuck)”.

The two bands both carry their own distinctive characters which shine through both halves of the album. Burn With Us is a thrilling exploration that descends into the depths and showcases the monsters that lurk there.
Burn With Us will be available on tape, vinyl, CD and digital, with the cover tracks available on physical formats only.

WULSFKOL was formed in Houston, TX around 2015 by death metal vocalist, David Herrera, along with Zike Lee, Hector Tenorio, and Joseph Banuelos. The band emerged with a shared goal a sound some would compare to MOTORHEAD meets THE MISFITS corrupted by the likes of SAMHAIN, BATHORY, VENOM and POSSESSED to name a few. WÜLSFKOL debuted with a strictly limited four track rehearsal demo which featured the song “I am the Devil’s Blood”. Shortly after the release, Joseph left to pursue other ventures and Shane Wilson was sought out as the band’s replacement in 2016. WULFSKOL unveiled their first full-length album Hellshock in 2017 and dropped their most recent offering, the Satanik Death Militia EP in 2021.

Zike – Guitars
Hector – Drums
Shane – Bass/ backing vocals
David – Vocals

Originally conceived in Deep South Texas by vocalist, lyricist & songwriter Noelia Garza in 2019 as a solo studio project, HEXELLA (pronounced:\Hex-Ay-a) grew in line-up after they unleashed their first demo in 2021. The band’s debut EP A Road in Hell released digitally in October 2021, and on tape via Goat Throne Records and CD via Tenebrous Aberrations Productions in early 2022.

Noelia Garza – vocalist
JD De La Rosa – guitarist
Richard Casas – bassist
Daniel Garcia – drummer (live)