VALLETTA have debuted their brand of groove-based, fist-banging heavy metal with their first single “Come Alive”, over at Decibel Magazine. Formed in Raleigh, North Carolina, in May 2022, the outfit deliver an impressive sound with a blackened rock ‘n’ roll foundation. Stream the new single HERE.

“‘Come Alive’ is a call to action for those who remain silent in the face of mass tragedies caused by the religious dogma and divisive politics that their blind belief helps perpetuate. It is a challenge to perceive these events through a different lens.”

Raucous guitars and catchy riffs join forces with dynamic percussion and demonic harsh vocals to produce a powerful impact. Delving into a delicious smorgasbord of guitar tones, thunderous rhythms and melodic leads entwine balancing delicately against the bass and dark lyrics. VALLETTA succeed in crafting a polished release in “Come Alive” with catchy hooks all encompassed in a shadowy atmosphere.
“Come Alive” is a first glimpse into VALLETTA’s releases for 2023.

Donald Boyd – Bass | also Lead Guitar in MO’YNOQ
Justin Valletta – Drums | also the Drummer of MO’YNOQ
Keenan Carroll – Guitar & Lead Vocals | Guitar & Lead Vocals in LORD ALMIGHTY, ex-BARISHI (live Lead Vocals)
Will Goodyear – Lead Guitar | Original Drummer of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME | Drums in PRAYER FOR CLEANSING | Guitar in HOPESFALL