Valentina Pesce have 24 years old. She was Italian, was raised and born in Milan where I attended Marangoni University graduating in fashion design & visual merchandizing.

She always had a vision in fashion, and dreamed to create my own brand.

In 2019 she founded Fenice which I’m also the face of.

She did in the past years editorial photo shoots and collaborations with photographers as well, but she chose to fully dedicate on my brand and becoming the main model and ambassador of it. Because who could represent it better than myself.

The concept was to show women all over the world, whatever their looks or origins were, that they could find the same power that the Phoenix has by embracing their femininity. As the bird of fire that rises from its own ashes, Fenice wanted inspire and give the chance to feel powerful and comfortable in their own skin though its fashion designs. By experimenting new shapes was to achieve to create a new concept of style: strong, feminine, edgy with a touch of sexy at the same time. Ready to be worn from all the woman who wanted to embrace their uniqueness.

She other biggest passion and interest has always been nature and protecting it.

So my brand lives with the eco sustainability values.

She driven by passion for meaningfulness, with the new goal of having an impact in the world.

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To describe your business in only one word would be very limiting: as she started your brand she ’ve become the CEO of my own company, fashion designer and stylist of its own designs , model / ambassador to represent my creations and activist in the mission of eco sustainability for a better world.

When she started studying in fashion she had no idea how this crazy fashion world works and so many goals she wanted to accomplish. As time went on she started to achieve some of them. And on 2019 when she founded Fenice she realize how much she love doing what she do.

But at a certain point, she felt something changing in me… something was missing.

She have come to realize that what was missing in yout career was something more meaningful. Something that can actually have an impact.

She had played with the idea of creating your own brand that was fully honest and had the best possible sustainable approach, this is how Fenice was born.

The belief of transparency, honesty, authenticity and being true to yourself. Which are some of the most important values in today’s society.

She believe that what makes me stand out in my industry is that my main responsibility is to create desirable yet essential, fashionable items that my costumers value and enjoy for years. As a result, the starting point of my sustainability pledge is that we I’m extremely proud of all I produce.

She proud to say that my collection and packaging is completely plastic-free. All the fabrics are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable.

There is no point in creating clothing that people won’t love and wear, even if it’s sustainable. She proud of the fabrics sourced. The look and feel is incredible and natural. They are toxin-free and are certified to have come from companies that ensure fair and regulated working conditions.

At Fenice we want you to live in our products, so we make them with best quality of source in order to be long lasting. Producing only with the use of the finest cotton, ethical manufacturing, impeccable quality, innovative developments and timeless design are implemented across our company.

Been very close to sports all my life. She believe that having a dynamic life is the key of wellbeing. She used to be in gymnastics artistic all my childhood, and for as much as she loved it, I hated it. Is very painful, stressful and demanding physically. But what she treasure learning from this beautiful practice is mental strength and willpower. Doesn’t matter how hard or painful something can seem in life, if you have true purpose and determination. So what truly keeps me running during tough times is keeping my eyes to my goals and knowing that is all going through is going to be worth to achieve them.

In the future she hope to advance in my role as much as possible.

She love this industry and think it is the right choice for me long term. She want to continue working in my mission of eco sustainability.I see your ideas making a bigger positive impact on the world, and she will use my communication and leadership skills to make this happen.

Since the start of your career, I have had my ideal career path in mind, and my company definitely supports it. My ideal career is one where I am making a real impact. She can see myself further developing my skill set in this role and eventually have more leadership tasks here. She see myself being even more confident in this field, with more knowledge and experiences.

Italian emergent fashion designer, founder of her own brand & company Fenice SRL.

Eco sustainability values and mission to improve the world environment.

Face and model of the brand.

Not just a young and beautiful girl, but driven by true passion and talent in fashion, with the vision to bring a change in the world.