Raw attitude meets bittersweet catchiness on Swedish garage rock outfit Upploppet’s new single ”Thinking of Me”. The Gothenburg based 5-piece announced their collaboration with The Sign Records in late 2022 and released the single ”Golden Eyes”. Now they return with the explosive hip shaker ”Thinking of Me”, recorded in Welfare Studios by Pontus Robertsson, who also mixed the track, and mastered by Hans Olsson in Svenska Grammofonstudion.

Upploppet will record a new album in the beginning of 2023, set for release on The Sign Records in the near future. Upploppet’s new single ”Thinking of Me”, as well as their late 2022 track ”Golden Eyes” are available now on all streaming platforms.

Christopher Svensson from Upploppet comments on the new single ”Thinking of Me”: I wanted to write a song that goes against the typical love song that usually consists of flattering the other person or chasing love, therefore the song starts from a person who has a cocky good self-confidence and describes other people’s perception of himself. In short, it’s about a self-righteous narcissist who thinks he’s the sexiest person in the room and that everyone else can’t get enough of him.

The song has a driving sound with simple licks and quick chord changes to capture the cocky attitude that the lyrics are supposed to convey. After all, that’s how rock n roll should be. Simple, quick and sexy.

Upploppet is the latest addition to the scandirock Mount Rushmore, with influences hailing from titans such as Gluecifer, MC5, Union Carbide Productions and many more. This just goes to show you that this band stomps all over rock n’ roll history with its own twist. The music represents the dangerous side och rock. With no prisoners being held, a raw attitude and a live show like no other, Upploppet is pulling the torch from the fists of the old geezer’s that once held it.

The band has already gone through the DIY process, recording several EP’s in their rehearsal space in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. Their latest DYI release ”You Wish This Was Live” (mixed by Tomas Skogsberg) put them on the face of the rock scene in their city. Without having to put out a full lenght LP, the band has already visited the outer parts of Europe and are now planning their next step to conquer the earth. Upploppet have previous released a bunch of raw digital singles and a split 7” with Scumbag Millionaires.

With their latest singel ”Golden Eyes” (recorded and mixed in Welfare Studios) the band shows once again that they are evolving and getting stronger as a unit. The Sign Records noticed when other oblivious labels where kept in the dark, so they took Upploppet under their wings and released their single.

Upploppet is now in the making of their debut album in Welfare Sounds, which surely is a recipe for total destruction on the music scene. Everyone, put your seatbelts on and stay tuned.