Hailing from the blazing deserts of Phoenix, Arizona, 24 Thorns emerges as a formidable force in the world of heavy rock and metal. With a sonic assault that combines thunderous riffs, blistering solos, and powerful vocals, their music delivers a relentless energy that resonates with fans worldwide. Having recently inked a deal with Rock Avenue Records USA, the band is set to ignite stages and speakers alike with their explosive sound, gearing up for their highly anticipated debut release in 2024.

The Saga of 24 Thorns
24 Thorns’ journey began in the fiery crucible of the Arizona music scene, where the band’s members Jeremiah DeWitt, Storm Ulibarri,Chuck Lohrengel and Dylan Kidner, each with their unique musical backgrounds and influences, converged to create a sound that transcends boundaries. Drawing inspiration from heavy rock icons and metal legends, they honed their craft through countless gigs, local showcases, and a tireless commitment to their art. With a burning passion for music, 24 Thorns’ relentless pursuit of sonic perfection led them to the attention of Rock Avenue Records USA, a pivotal moment in their ascent.

This upcoming release marks a turning point for 24 Thorns as they unleash their distinctive blend of heavy rock and metal upon the world. With a dedication to their craft that burns as fiercely as the Arizona sun, the band is poised to carve their name into the annals of rock history. Brace yourselves for a sonic tempest that will leave audiences enthralled, as 24 Thorns rises to claim their place among the heavyweights of the rock and metal realm.