Ruminating over uncertainty, stressful situations, and immersive distractions can put us at war with our thoughts to the point that they become intrusive. Sweeping metalcore outfit, TRAPPED IN THOUGHT, are preparing to unveil their forthcoming EP, For Those Who Never Came Home, on April 21, 2023. Today the band has revealed their latest single and lyric video for the track “Erode Through Me”.

The band elaborates on the single: ““Erode Through Me” was a track that we took particular care in crafting so that it would translate well in a live setting. We focused on the flow and movement of the track, creating something that would keep you bobbing your head the whole time. With a catchy chorus and a couple soul crushing breakdowns, we think this will be a new fan favourite of ours.”

More About For Those Who Never Came Home:
The collection is a somber journey through those intrusive thoughts and memories of loss and self-doubt, set on the backdrop of melancholy melodies juxtaposed with fist-to-the-face aggression. This collection arrives with conviction, passion and depth, swaying wildly back and forth between and dark, raw confessions.

After a moving intro, “Sheltered”, the album kicks off with “Exposed”, a track revealing the baggage that comes with “fresh starts” and that nothing is truly free from the pain of before. “Erode Through Me” feels the subtlety of a relationship slipping through our fingers, so gradually it goes unnoticed until it is gone. “Still Sleep” invites you to fight through and start anew.

Formed in 2012 by guitarist Stephen Burnetts, TRAPPED IN THOUGHT released their first EP in 2014. In 2017, after a hiatus, Stephen restarted the group, recruiting drummer Stefan Bento and former vocalist and good friend Michael Grint. Shortly after, Aric Boland also joined the group, providing additional vocals. TRAPPED IN THOUGHT stepped into the studio in late 2018 in order to record their first EP with this new line-up. Shortly after release, Jake Sweezy joined the group on bass, and the group proceeded to go on a tear through southern Ontario with their electrifying live set. By the end of 2019 the band re-entered into the studio to give a new spin on a track, “Lost Dreams”, off their 2014 EP. “Lost Dreams” was released in February 2020, and shortly after COVID-19 shut the world of music down.

The trials for TRAPPED IN THOUGHT did not end with the onset of the pandemic. After a move up north for Stephen and the departure of Aric from the band, TRAPPED IN THOUGHT again went into hibernation, but the work did not stop. In October of 2022 Stephen returned to hometown and reunited with the rest of the band. Reinvigorated after the years of social restrictions and lack of live music, the boys of TRAPPED IN THOUGHT are ready to show everyone what they’ve cooked up over the last 2 years.

Stephan Burnetts (Guitar)
Stefan Bento (Drums)
Michael Grint (Vocals)
Jake Sweezy (Bass)

For Those Who Never Came Home Track Listing:
3.Erode Through Me
5.Still Sleep