Sarpsborg, Norway’s Tonic Breed announces the 10th-anniversary re-release of their 2014 thrash album “Outsold”. The first revisited single from this milestone release is titled “Strife” providing fans with a fresh perspective on the album that left a lasting impact on the metal scene. While some of the tracks have subtle changes and remixing, “Strife” has been changed the most, including a nearly two-minute intro cut, as Patrik K. Svendsen explains:

“Strife is the shortest track on the album. Originally, with a more extended synth intro, this song is now shortened to a more effective and explosive song. It’s one of the songs on the album with some kind of an actual hook chorus. This song could easily have been made with a traditional song structure, but I chose to spice it up a little with a couple of twists in the songwriting process.”

While Tonic Breed’s original line-up is no more, sole remaining member Svendsen has poured his passion into this anniversary re-release. The band is not reuniting, but Svendsen, the composer of all songs, expresses his love for the album and the desire to introduce it to a new audience, one single at a time.

“Outsold” was a significant achievement for Tonic Breed, earning the title of “Album of the Year” by The Metal Reviews in 2014. The album’s unique blend of Old Bay era thrash, groove, melodic, and heavy elements captivated metal enthusiasts worldwide. Expressing the darker themes of life, politics, and our inner demons, the album is recommended for fans of Slayer, Pantera, and Metallica.