Thousand Years Wide was born from the parting of three different bands. Conceived in 2014, TYW formed, merging their respective sounds, styles and backgrounds. With this new inspiration, the guys went to work. Together they blended influences such as Chevelle, Sound Garden, and Sevendust to name a few, from there, the chemistry flourished. Over the following years Thousand Years Wide WON Best New Band from Project Backstage in 2015. In 2016, the band was awarded Rock Band of the Year by Backstage Project!

Over the course of the years Thousand Years Wide has released 3 full albums, which include, “My Torrid Autumn” in 2017, “Bedlam” 2019 and “Audio Therapy” in 2022.

The band has played the Rocklahoma Festival three times, and the Suicide Awareness Festival in Colorado five times.

“We have shared the stage with many bands that people love. We hope you enjoy our passion with us!”

Thousand Years Wide has played with the following:
Drowning Pool
Non Point
10 Years
Adelitas Way
3 pill Mourning
Sleep signals
Smile Empty soul (Direct Suppport 18 dates)
Mendenhall Experiment
Lola Black
Eye Empire
12 Stones
Scum of the Earth
Red Lamb
Krash Karma

Band Members:
Pat Jonas / Drummer
Trent Holcomb / Vocals
Derrick Eggelston / Bass
Steve Conroy / Guitars