The new EP by the rising Danish-Japanese pop star is a mixtape of heartbreak, good times and everything in-between written and recorded during her past whirlwind year. ‘Talk to Me’ is the irresistible bossa nova-inspired lead single from ‘Spinning Around’ out on March 24th

Reflecting on the past year in the life of Mina Okabe tells the story of a rising international star. The highly anticipated debut album, ‘Better Days’, was released to nothing but five-star reviews, her single, ‘Every Second’, is an Instagram-sensation hitting more than 3 million Reels and counting and following a Summer with live highlights such as Roskilde Festival and Special Guest-support on tour with Lukas Graham, Mina Okabe went on her first ever headline tour of Denmark.

Meanwhile, her still very limited catalogue of warm, dreamy pop songs has amassed almost 50 million streams across platforms. This Spring, the 22-year old Danish-Japanese singer-songwriter is back with new melodies inspired by a year that would make most artists dizzy…

“The past year has gone by really fast – like a whirlwind of inspiration and creation in the best possible way. I feel that the many new and exciting experiences I have had can be heard in the songs I’ve written, expressing very different energies and emotions, from where I’m most vulnerable to a lighter feel of self-irony. And so, I thought ‘Spinning Around’ was a suitable title for this collection of songs,” Mina Okabe tells.

Like an old school mixtape, when young people used to sit in their rooms and record all their favorite songs on cassette tapes or CDs, ‘Spinning Around’ is just like those personal mixes of heartbreak, self-reflection and good times. This is a mixtape from Mina Okabe to you.

‘Spinning Around’ includes three previously released singles from 2022 – ‘Take It Further’, Waiting Is A Waste’ and ‘Rain’ – and three new songs. On the lead single, ‘Talk to Me’, Mina Okabe finds confidence in an irresistible bossa nova groove.

“’Talk to Me’ is about the frustrating feeling that comes when someone you’re interested in is not opening up and is hard to read. I like how it stands out among my other songs – both lyrically and with the playful production – but most of all, because it gives me a feeling of confidence.”

As one of the most promising new artists to break out of the Nordics, there’s a good chance the World of Mina Okabe is going to keep ‘Spinning Around’ for a while. The new EP is out worldwide on March 24th