The will grows on ‘See My Will’ from Komorebi Garden. With shimmering R&B, organic Nordic sounds and an ethereal grace, the song introduces a shape-shifting new duo from Denmark. A Komorebi Garden debut album is out this November!

“Komorebi” is the poetic Japanese word describing the natural phenomenon of sunbeams filtering through the leaves. Underneath the tree, Ronja Andersson and Eigil Hein sit and from the ground below them a musical friendship has blossomed into a creative space they like to call Komorebi Garden.

The two multi-instrumentalists have a penchant for classic analogue music – the primal power and grandeur of organic forms – with a shared curiosity of the manipulation and technology of the digital, modern world. Like a botanical garden in a distant galaxy, Komorebi Garden possesses both an ethereal grace and uncompromising progression.

‘See My Will’ is a fine example of the Ronja and Eigils’ shape-shifting approach to music – a song about never limiting yourself but striving to be open for a life of endless possibilities…

“We live in a world where many people are busy doing well, doing things right, looking good and maintaining a perfect facade. We seem to forget that the more unpolished flaws of humanity are just as much a part of us – flaws we should acknowledge and accept! The will that grows is the will and courage to be yourself. The will grows out of the ground in the forest, in nature… in human nature,” 20-year-old Ronja and 21-year-old Eigil say about ‘See My Will’.

With ‘See My Will’, Komorebi Garden also heralds the release of their debut album, ‘Weave’, which will be out on the independent Copenhagen label, 100blaa, on November 10th.