Black Sheep Short Pitch Our new single “Black Sheep (Radio Edit)” is an atmospheric Alternative Rock song looking at the world through the eyes of outcasts and misfits, a sad chapter of my own life. It also sympathizes with people we met while playing on the street all over Europe and in several jails. Black Sheep was mixed by Marc Frigo, Nashville.

Backstory Short We are the band The Train Rockers from Munich and love playing in subways, streets and even prisons. We were deeply inspired by the “Man In Black”, Johnny Cash, especially by his Folsom Prison Album. He wore black and played in such dark places to ignite a light of hope and lost faith. This beautiful attitude inspired us in our work on our latest EP “The Black Sheep”. But we agreed, that we didn’t want to record music only, but also to bring a spark of hope and love into the „real world darkness“ of the black sheep: the abandoned people, prisoners and homeless people who are avoided, who can no longer see themselves in the mirror, and saying to them: we didn’t go through every experience of yours, but we know a little bit how you feel, we’ve been also through hardships and at the „black sheep stage“ at times. And there is someone else who loves you unconditionally – he has been there too and is always looking for black and lost sheep to bring them home. This is really a great message which can give everyone faith, hope and love in a fed up and often cold society that is unfortunately very poor in these things. Valuable things that money can’t buy.

We wish you a lot of fun listening and new hope with our unpolished alternative sound and real
stories. The Train Rockers return from dark places and lonely streets, playin’ for everyone, especially
for the Black Sheep. May our songs lift you up!

Backstory long It somehow happened unintentionally, in the ugly part of our city, Munich: the “birth”
of our band. And our song “Black Sheep” and the entire Black Sheep EP tries to recall this story and
the people we met on this journey. One Friday evening in 2015, my friends and I gathered our
courage, grabbed our acoustic instruments and started playing some familiar songs at the
“Münchner Freiheit”, a well-known bar district.

There are many popular places for musicians in Munich, but somehow we felt more attracted to the
dirty streets and their people, which we knew all too well. It’s a crazy part of town: even rival football
fans have a peaceful time here, at least on Friday evenings. The perfect place where a Turk, an
Englishman and three Bavarians could play their favourite songs together.

Although the start wasn‘t really smooth, we soon felt the magic of “The Münchner Freiheit (name of
the bar district)” on the next Fridays. People started celebrating our music, sometimes even football
hooligans and rappers joined us and sang with us. But what touched us most on these Fridays were
our encounters with souls, who carried around their problems.

One evening a tall man just stood there for a long time and listened to our songs. Weeks later he
told us, that he had been on the verge of taking his life, he wanted to jump infront of a subway train.
Somehow the music and its content had stopped him. On another Friday evening we noticed two
homeless people standing in “our” spot. At first we weren’t particularly amused – (I know that’s cold,
and we know we’re not heroes), but then we listened to their stories and were moved to tears. We
started playing for them, to whom life hadn‘t been kind to. It was another wonderful encounter, a
definitely happy night. And just talking about these encounters, not music, there would be more
pages to fill

Our song “Black Sheep” is exactly about these people, about the souls that have been thrown out,
cast out, worn out, burdened, that are avoided, that are done with this world and with themselves.
We also looked into many of these eyes in prisons, where we were invited to play. And these
encounters, but also our own (partly sad) stories, inspired us to write the song “Black Sheep”. It is
intended to give hope to those who feel bad, miserable or unwanted: black sheep in a more and
more slick, fast, shiny but often coldhearted world. The song has also a layer of faith in it, that we
were able to experience ourselves and that we like to share with the outcast and beaten down: there
is someone who still loves you, who wants to forgive you and wants to give you a second chance.
No it’s not the social system 😉 it‘s the great shepherd of the “black” sheep, Jesus Christ, who has
always open arms.

And it was there in the streets of Munich, where our musical and cultural differences within the band
merged and where we started to bring a little melody, a little light, a little love, and maybe a little
faith into the ugly part of our city. Later we also played in the subway cars, (that’s where our name
came from), bars and, as I mentioned, even in prisons, but that’s another story.