“And while Grunge heavyweights filled huge venues, Low Desert bands turned to far more vast spaces…”

As new addition to its list of programs, THE PIT VOD platform presents ‘Lo Sound Desert’ : the definitive movie, directed by Joerg Steineck about the origin of desert rock music and released in 2015.

A feature length documentary about the Californian desert rock and punk rock scene, from which bands like Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age arose to kick off its worldwide fame, available right now on the platform.

Lo Sound Desert is a documentary about the Californian Desert music scene, which gave birth to bands like Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age. What basically started by revolving punk rock kids – hidden from narrow-minded authorities of suburban desert communities in the early 80s, became a vibe over the years.

The film provides a unique insight into the history of the Coachella Valley music scene: From never-ending jams in the middle of the desert to headlining huge European stages – Desert Rock, often misinterpreted as musical genre continued its underground spread and became international treasure.

Lo Sound Desert is narrated by Josh Homme, Brant Bjork, Mario Lalli and many others from bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Fatso Jetson, Dalis Llama, Hornss, Fu Manchu etc.