North Carolina indie pop outfit The Mystery Plan present the single ‘Big Bliss’, previewing their forthcoming ‘Haunted Organic Machines’ LP (their seventh full length album and 13th major release), to be released via American boutique label 10mm Omega Recordings.

This new single, which features Amy Herring on vocals, takes us to the opposite end of the spectrum from their recently-released lead track and ‘What A Day’ EP, a scrumptious dose of bliss-pop.

“‘Big Bliss” is about feeling all the horrible things that humans do to each other while simultaneously feeling so grateful for the art that my husband brings to my life. (Regrettably) we arere news junkies in our home. The constant stream of sadness and devastation was breaking me down. I was crying daily and had to switch to waterproof mascara in an attempt to hide my tears,” says Amy Herring.

A staple on the local music scene, the Charlotte-based collective started in 2010 as a duo with Jason Herring and Paul Jensen (Fetchin’ Bones / the Interstellars) writing and producing everything. Jason’s wife, Amy Herring, then joined. Several years later, the line-up was rounded out with Otis Hughes, Patty McLaughlin Thomas and Jefferson Chester.

Produced and mixed by Jason Herring and Rob Tavaglione, ‘Haunted Organic Machines’ finds the band exploring new, but familiar territory from spacey dance grooves, to spooky, moody dream pop and everything that goes with it.

The Mystery Plan is very prolific, their latest releases involving legendary producer John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, Black Needle Noise), known for seminal releases by Love and Rockets, Dead Can Dance, Nine Inch Nails, Swans, Clan of Xymox, Xmal Deutschland and Stabbing Westward, among others. This collaboration shaped The Mystery Plan albums ‘Queensland Ballroom’, ‘Zsa Zsa’ and ‘You Also Have Eyes’, plus an epic remix on the ‘Thought Bubbles’ record.

Big Bliss’ is now available digitally via Bandcamp, while the ‘What a Day’ EP is also available via Spotify and Apple Music. On March 31, the full ”Haunted Organic Machines’ album will be released, both digitally and on CD.


  1. Big Bliss
  2. What a Day (Disco)
  3. Inner Space
  4. Late Night
  5. I Think I’m Granola
  6. Snow Queen
  7. What a Day
  8. Holding My Interest

Produced by Jason Herring and Rob Tavaglione
Additional production on “What A Day (Disco)” by That Guy Smitty
Recorded at Bulls Hit Records and Catalyst Recording in Charlotte, NC
Mastered by Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst Recording in Charlotte, NC
Sample on ‘What a Day (Disco)’ by Erykah Badu
Performed by The Mystery Plan (Amy Herring, Jefferson Chester, Patty McLaughlin-Thomas, Otis Hughes and Jason Herring)
Artist photos by Daniel Coston
Album cover photo by Smitty @that_guys_polaroids
Layout by Michelle Rackley at Clear Design