The MESSER Machine is fired up once again with another Positive Energy-Driven Song.

“Hope In This World” is the newest creation from this Modern Rock Power House known for their catchy hooks and high energy live performances. With 3 top 25 active rock singles, MESSER is poised to raise the bar even higher. Re-Energized and focused, MESSER is ready to deliver an experience that goes beyond the music.

Their new single was born out of the pandemic. They couldn’t just sit here and do nothing. They have a platform and we are compelled to use it for good.

One of the most powerful things you can give someone is hope. We live in a world more divided than ever, making it hard to see a way for us to find a place of peace and harmony.

“Hope In This World” is a song about bridging the gap between us that seems to be growing every day. The core message of this song is helping people find hope despite the negativity. It’s easy to get trapped in boxes of belief and confusion. This song is about the lifeline we cling to for change, the light at the end of the tunnel.

MESSER means “knife” in German, and the Dallas, Texas band cut a memorable swath through the Rock world in 2018, starting with their debut single “Make This Life” and followed by a second, “Save Myself”. Both songs reached the top 20 Billboard ‘Main Stream Rock’ charts.

•Dereak Messer – Vocals
•Maddox Messer – Bass/Vocals
•Kenn Youngar – Drums
•Jonathan Simmons – Guitars/Vocals