Born amongst the canyons of Amarillo, Texas, off Route 66 in late 2018, metalcore band The Light Superior quickly pulled together an accomplished line-up of musicians and began honing their song writing skills and live performance prowess.

Refusing to be derailed by the chaos of lockdown they powered through those troubled times and were soon performing at prestigious regional shows with household names and scene legends like We Came As Romans, Of Mice & Men and The Browning. A suitably impressed Rottweiler Records were quick to sign The Light Superior and the band’s first release came in the form of the tempestuous 2022 EP, I AM, featuring four tracks of effervescent, thunderous and remarkably accomplished metalcore. Having announced themselves so dramatically to the world, The Light Superior have not chosen to sit back and bask in the glow of their success. Since the release of I AM they have been working feverishly on their debut full length album and the time for a first taste of their creative endeavours is now upon us!

“…pull me out to sea, drag me underneath, feels like I’m drowning in a tidal wave…”

New single, ‘Tidal Wave’ is a colossal explosion of metalcore magnificence – an unflinching statement of intent that announces The Light Superior’s arrival at the genre’s top table. Vocalist Cody Roye demonstrates the full range of his powers as he switches between earthshaking roars of rage and soaring melodies, baring his heart, his soul and his scars. Beneath those stunning vocals the staggered, stuttering riffs land punches of bone-breaking power as they stride across the gargantuan rhythms. The chorus is huge and instantly memorable and rich veins of deep, overwhelming emotion run through the explosive, punishing attacks. Giovanni Alvarez-Jiminez’ tumbling, cascading drums provide a dancing, frenetic heartbeat to the song, while the guitars of Justin Werner and Chris Torres clash like steel fists, then lock together seamlessly in an unbreakable bond. Once heard, never forgotten, ‘Tidal Wave’ is formidable in every sense of the word; co-written, produced and engineered by Chris Dawson (Any Given Sin, Shallow Side, Take The Day etc ) it promises great things still to come from The Light Superior.

“…crushed against the rocks, pain that never stops, feels like I’m drowning in a tidal wave…”

To accompany the ‘Tidal Wave’ single The Light Superior have recorded a phenomenal performance video with renowned cinematographer and director J.T. Ibanez, who has created music videos for the likes of Atreyu, P.O.D., Sevendust and more. The video captures the stark emotional power of ‘Tidal Wave’ and the astonishing intensity of The Light Superior’s performance as a band and as individuals. The ‘Tidal Wave’ single and video will be released by Rottweiler Records on February 12th – so brace for impact and prepare for the full force onslaught of The Light Superior!

Cody Roye – Vocals
Justin Werner – Guitar
Chris Torres – Guitar
Giovanni Alvarez-Jiminez – Drums