“Mouse” is at heart a song about toxic relationships and the power plays that accompany them. It explores the topics of boundaries, consent, and commitment. It also posits a strong opinion that one should fight back against the bonds that hold, and break them. It’s not just romantic relationships it describes – familial relationships can often have an edge to them that is difficult to maneuver as well.

There’s a give and take that becomes second-nature to either party after a time. When you’re committed to preserving the relationship, you have to work to control the anger that arises from time to time. This recognition of inner violence is a recurring theme in a few of our songs. It’s our attempt to describe that wild feeling you feel: a sort of boundless energy and rage that makes you fly off the wall. Any kind of relationship involves power dynamics, some more pleasurable than others.

Mouse explores the what-ifs: what if you enjoy the toxicity? What if you dive into that anger? What if, in some way, you need that challenge in your life? This is our tribute to that feeling.

The Haptics
formed in 2022, united by a love for post-punk. Based in Vancouver, their music blends dark post-punk beats with Alternative Rock and Grunge. Their name signifies a focus on sensory experiences. Influenced by Joy Division and The Cure, they modernize the genre. Their live shows captivate with high energy and introspective lyrics. The debut album from late 2022 received acclaim for emotion and instrumentals. The band is involved in visual arts, reflecting their aesthetic. Strong social media presence and collaborations have expanded their fanbase. The Haptics’ willingness to experiment keeps their sound fresh.
THE HAPTICS are: Jin – Vocals Cam – Guitar Brent – Bass Flavio – Drums.