Danish indie-pop band The Bridges are releasing their new single ‘Untouchable’. The melodic, fast-paced and carefree summer single is accompanied by a light-hearted and humorous music video.

Inspired by the indie pop scene of the 00s, the Præstø-based band has created an upbeat pop song that captures the feeling of being young, newly in love and carefree. Detached from time and place, they capture the mood of driving along the water with the top down while the wind ruffles your hair.

With their first two singles, The Bridges have received a fair amount of airplay on Danish radio, while music magazine Bands Of Tomorrow described their music as “catchy indie-pop with a local twist”. The blog Nordic Music Central also praised their innovative musical tendencies, saying:

“I’ve rarely heard such an innovative mix of instruments from a start-up band. And the vocals, both male and female, are spot on, while the production easily merits a mention.”

The Bridges are once again ready to charm the world with their signature distorted vocals, airy guitar themes and bold synths on their new single. The song is presented alongside a music video, which is the follow-up to the band’s debut single ‘Daydreamers’. The band takes us once again to their rural world, full of humour, togetherness and a tendency to not take themselves too seriously.