THALIA sets forth on a sonic adventure with “The River Of Books” heralding the return of the French cult quartet with their latest offering—a new album infused with progressive hard rock vibes.

After two decades in the making, French cult quartet Thalia is set to captivate the world once again with their highly anticipated release “The River Of Books” slated for April 26, 2024. Following the success of their 2000 debut album “Forest of Minds,” Thalia’s latest opus it’s a culmination of two decades of musical maturity and evolution.

“The River Of Books” is a unique compendium of emotions and groove, seamlessly blending hard rock power with a progressive edge. Influences ranging from Rush, King’s X, Dream Theater, and Living Colour, to The Police and Muse are skillfully digested, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and avant-garde.

Thalia’s lyrics delve into thought-provoking subjects such as ecology, human relationships, nostalgia, and the essence of life itself. Each track is a sonic journey, carefully crafted to evoke a myriad of emotions and resonate with listeners on a profound level.

For the release of the single “The River Of Books”, the band is set to release a video which can be seen.

The quartet, consisting of Emmanuelson on vocals (Rising Steel, Venus Syndrome, Ellipsis), Thierry Bizet on guitars and backing vocals, Stephane Beraud on bass, and Christophe Denk on drums and backing vocals, brings together their unique personalities to create a musical world that is distinctly Thalia.

Renowned illustrator Stan W Decker, celebrated for his work with international artists and bands, contributes the captivating cover art, setting the visual tone for the musical adventure that awaits.

Thalia is set to unleash the first glimpse of “The River Of Books” with the release of their lead single today March 13, 2024, by visiting this link:

“The River Of Books” is due out on April 26th, 2024 on Rockshots Records and is available for pre-order at the following link: PRE-ORDER –

1 . The River of Books (04:45)
2 . Vision Empire (03 :59)
3 . AtmoSign (05:08)
4 . Body & Soul (04:00)
5 . The Same, Always (01:24)
6 . Traces (03:47)
7 . The Fear (05:17)
8 . Flesh Paradox (05:51)
9 . Close to Me (04:39)
10 . Cries of Earth (04:52)
11 . Sacred and Scared (05:27)
12 . Exaltation (03:05)

Thalia are:
Emmanuelson: Vocals
Thierry « Wa » Bizet: Electric & Acoustic Guitars / Ebow / Bouzouki / Backing vocals
Stéphane « Zzo » Béraud: Bass
Christophe « Toph » Denk: Drums / Backing vocals