Danish disco/pop band ALSACE will release the single ‘U Don’t Understand It’. The song comes in the wake of the ‘Honey’ single, which was recently recognised as one of the best songs of the moment by Denmark’s most renowned music media, GAFFA.

True to the heart
Over the years, the duo have received a lot of well-intentioned advice and opinions about the band, and that’s exactly what their new singles are all about:

“A lot of people have had opinions about what we should do as a band. Where we should go and what would be wise. But we’ve always preferred to do things our own way.”

“We spend 0% of our time thinking commercially while making music, but we spend 100% of our time making it feel good in our minds and hearts. We will never compromise on our musical visions, so whoever wants to join us can jump on the wagon. Everyone is more than welcome!”

Disco soundtrack for summer nights
‘U Don’t Understand’ opens with a vibraphone that could just as easily have been sampled from an intro melody for a late 70s TV show. The rest of the song also draws inspiration from the biggest disco artists of the decade. With the combination of high-pitched violins, funky slap bass and Kristoffer’s signature falsetto, the duo once again charm their way into your ears and act as a soundtrack to the festive, bright summer nights ahead.

In other words, ALSACE builds on their stylish musical aesthetic, which over the years has earned them more than 500 plays on Denmark’s largest radio station P3, a support gig for Simply Red in the Royal Arena and a number of sold-out concerts under their own name.