Dive straight into STARCRAZY’s supercharged new single “Egging Me On”. This fast-paced, high-spirited track is sure to get you moving or you might just end up with egg on your face. “Egging Me On” lands ahead of the band’s upcoming EP Another Day, Another Squalor…, set to release on March, 10th.

“There’s a homeless bloke I got to know named Andrew who spent a lot of time at Camperdown Oval with his pitbull, Salty. He told me one morning that he’d lost his friends car whilst on a drunken binge and asked me to keep an eye out for it. It got me thinking about the stupid things we do under the influence of alcohol. I wrote the lyrics almost on the spot, much like the music for this song, it was very immediate. It’s a great live song as it always gets people moving with it’s fast paced, punk rock energy.” – Marcus Fraser

STARCRAZY blend their musical influences to create a distinctive sound that carries its own character. From the likes of 70’s glam rock and power pop to 80’s alternative metal and funk, STARCRAZY manifest charisma fuelled rock for the modern world.

Marcus Fraser – Vocals
Odin Wolf – Guitars
Jack Barratt – Bass/Vocals
Jack Farmer – Drums

All songs recorded at Damien Gerard Sound Studios in West Gosford.
Engineered by Andrew Beck.
Produced by Mo Mayhem of Hell City Glamours.
Single artwork by Jack Barratt.
Photography: Andie Wheeler.
“Egging Me On” video filmed by Michael Chow & edited by Jack Barratt.

Another Day, Another Squalor… Track Listing:
1.Galaxy O Luv
2.The Big Time
3.The Open Sea
4.Egging Me On
6.Monday Morning (Prayer For Tony)