Following up September’s ‘Electronic Bodies’ compilation, Side-Line Magazine has released the ‘Electronic Bodies – Nightside Sessions’ MegaMix by Seattle-based DJ Shane Aungst. Featuring more than 90 minutes of EBM underground beats, this album is available free of charge via Bandcamp with all donations going towards psychological support for Ukraine soldiers and citizens suffering from PTSD.

This two-part MegaMix includes 23 choice tracks from the original ‘Electronic Bodies’ compilation, created during long evening sessions in October 2023. Parts 1 and 2 each feature their own separate intro, created by New Mexico-based artist Viscera Drip.

As with other mixes created by DJ Shane Aungst, these mixes dish up rare offerings in the EBM / Aggrotech / Industrial genres, complete with intense layering with sampling and edits. When not doing studio work, sampling, mixes, edits and remixes, he creates original material.

The original ‘Electronic Bodies’ compilation offers 88 tracks from the electronic / EBM underground, following Side-Line Magazine’s tradition of music releases aimed at raising funds for worthy causes, facilitated by the Belgian electro industrial magazine Side-Line.

Curated by Side-Line’s Chief Editor Bernard Van Isacker, ‘Electronic Bodies’ takes a deep-dive into EBM (Electronic Body Music), New Beat and their contemporary offshoots. The geographic span of participating artists and resonant feedback to this album makes it clear that EBM still resonates worldwide since the genre took off over 40 years ago!

“I recently came across an article detailing the psychological toll of the war initiated by Russia against Ukraine. The repercussions are devastating, with families torn apart and a surge in divorces and suicides. Many are grappling with PTSD, a condition that arises after experiencing traumatic events. Symptoms disrupt daily life, manifesting as flashbacks, avoidance behaviours, and a host of other issues. If we’re in a position to assist, we should,” says Bernard Van Isacker.

“While it’s undeniably sombre, it’s essential to recognise our privileged position compared to their plight. Rather than symbolic gestures, I advocate for tangible action. The West should be doing more. The disparity between resources squandered on frivolities and the valiant efforts of the Ukrainian populace defending their homeland infuriates me.”

Since launching in 1989, the Belgium-based magazine has released darkwave, postpunk, electropop, synthpop and industrial music compilations, offering artists a platform for wider exposure and spearheading charity initiatives. Notable recent compilations include ‘Electronic Resistance – A Darkwave / Post-Punk Compilation From The Ukrainian Underground’ and ‘Electronic Resistance – Reconstruction’.

Side-Line is also offering an exclusive ‘Electronic Bodies’ T-shirt and a combo package that includes a limited edition hand-numbered Electronic Bodies flask. Each merch order also includes a compilation download, ensuring that the beats never stop.

‘Electronic Bodies – Nightside Sessions’ is out now as a free download and by donation, as is the original ‘Electronic Bodies’ compilation, via Bandcamp.

Mixed by DJ Shane Aungst
Intro by Viscera Drip
Artwork by Bernard Van Isacker
Released via Side-Line Magazine
Publicity by Shameless Promotion PR

Night side sessions – Intro 00:00
Diffuzion – Ain’t Gonna Fuck With My Brain 00:49
Rabbits Wear Boots – Cyborg 04:54
Him+He – Dr Jones (Ocult Mix) 09:42
ELM – Vessel Of Violence (Weaponized Cardio Mix) 14:06
Ars – Thanatophobia 17:18
UCNX – Burning Slowly Down 21:54
Llumen – You Can Have It All (Matrix Edit) 25:41
The Psychic Force – Lockdown Lovers 29:50
Kant Kino – Frontline (Edit) 34:22
Raudadler – Sexual Deviants 37:15
First Aid 4 Souls – Anger 41:58
Miseria Ultima – Yet Shivering Profound 46:30

Viscera Drip – Night side sessions Intro 00:00
Human Vault – Flesh And Bone (Void You Are Edit By Nadragea – Side-Line Cut) 00:52
Digital Factor – What 05:18
Aiboforcen – Cycle Of Life (Short Edit) 08:35
Aesthetische – Boiling Over (Celsius Version) 12:30
Diverje – Numb (EBM Remix By Psychosomatik) 16:50
Venus In Disgrace – Generation Commodore 20:25
Kreign – Don’t Force The Hand 23:13
Fuckware – Combat 27:22
Stahlgeist – Infected Colony (Alternate Version) 31:10
Sinthetik Messiah – Know Your Enemy 35:39
Töt – Mon Nom Est Personne 39:14