Stoner rockers SEA OF SNAKES have released a video for their track “Third Kind”. the song is from their upcoming album The Serpent And The Lamb which will release on October 14th.

Unleashing all fury in a call to arms, the album begins with the high-impact “Start A War” in their exploration of our society that encourages animosity instead of peace. SEA OF SNAKES throw their all into this ferocious track with driving guitar rhythms, soaring vocals and thundering percussion. SEA OF SNAKES thrive in producing dynamic music incorporating and reimaging elements from across the stoner and doom realms. The slow haunting pace of “End of the Sun” manifests the devilishly delightful doom out of the impending gloom. While the smooth and sultry riffs of “Dead Man’s Song” contrast the emotive narrative surrounding addiction and the repercussions of it. The Serpent And The Lamb has it all. Full-throttle distortion delivers the heavy throughout “In Hell” which then intensifies ten-fold for “Hands are Tied”. Drawing The Serpent And The Lamb to a close, “The Ritual” fuses a melting pot of fuzz and sludge goodness with hard rock riffs and a catchy chorus hook. It’s a thrilling conclusion to this deadly ritual.

These untameable serpents make no apologies in turning it up to eleven. Become immersed in the captivating sounds forming beneath the darkening skies. A drop of blood may be spilled here and there, but The Serpent And The Lamb is an experience not be missed.

Jim McCloskey – guitars
Jeff Murray – drums
Jason Busiek – vocals
Lorenzo Almanza – bass

The Serpent And The Lamb recorded at Birdcage Studios in Pico Rivera.
Mixed by Matt Lynch (bassist from the band SNAIL).

“Let The Fire Burn” Single – March 5th, 2021
World On Fire EP – April 2nd, 2021
The Serpent And The Lamb Album – releasing: October 14th, 2022

Track List:
1.Start A War
2.Demon Seed
3.Get the Gun
4.End of the Sun
5.Dead Man’s Song
6.Third Kind
7.In Hell
8.God of Creation
9.Hands are Tied
10.The Ritual