Hot off the heels of his virtuosic second album ‘Holidays Inside’ (released on Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser’s MGMT Records), Robbing Millions, the project of Belgian avant-pop musician Lucien Fraipont, will release his new album ‘Rêve Party’ on 28th April 2023.

After the trippy ‘Elastics’, and the psych-pop anthem ‘Same Skin’, Robbing Millions returns today with the lush and exciting “Believe Her”, the third single from the upcoming album Rêve Party.

Born from a solo jam session performed on a Juno Alpha1, the song was recorded as it was being written, a demo that naturally became a final recording through a seamless process. All parts are played by Lucien Fraipont himself with the exception of the drums, performed by the brilliant Mario Goossens from Triggerfinger.

Written in the aftermath of an argument between Fraipont and his girlfriend of the time, the song reminds us of the importance of supporting one’s friends and partners in the face of life’s hardships. While at the same time, the song’s lyrical hook “you’d better believe her” could sound like a plea urging society to listen and welcome the voice of women better than it currently does.

“I think that at the time of composing the piece, I was coming out of a lively discussion with my then girlfriend who had reproached me for not taking her side in a misadventure she’d had, and for my playing the role of “devil’s advocate” a little too diligently. The «You’d Better Believe Her» hook must have come to me as a reaction to this discussion, as a sort of mantra to remind me to support her more, but also as a reminder to myself.”

New album ‘Rêve Party’ is a massive leap forward for Robbing Millions: a bold collection of songs that are as boundless as they are meticulously arranged. Drawing from his love of French pop, American psychedelic rock, and the endless sprawl of jazz, Fraipont has expanded his sound in every way possible while honing in on the points of inspiration that keep him moving as an artist.

‘Rêve Party’ is set for release on 28th April 2023 via Capitane Records/ Born Loser Records/ Requiem Pour Un Twister.