Hot off the heels of his virtuosic second album ‘Holidays Inside’ (released on Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser’s MGMT Records), Robbing Millions, the project of Belgian avant-pop musician Lucien Fraipont, has announced the release of new album ‘Rêve Party’, out on 28th April 2023

‘Elastics’ is the first single taken from the forthcoming record.

About the song, Fraipont says, “It was the last song I recorded for this album. I wanted to do an electronic groovy track with funny synth breaks and a delayed guitar riff vaguely inspired by Cornelius’ ‘Sensuous’ album and Harry Case’s unsung synth funk record ‘In a Mood’. I call it my “bedroom dystopian eco-boogie” track. The song features some 60’s Coltrane & Joe Henderson-inspired chord progressions, and I ended up asking my friend Shoko Igarashi to record some tenor saxophone on it which turned out pretty nice.

‘Elastics’ is accompanied by a trippy lyric video made by the Spanish experimental animation studio Rapapawn, run by Óscar Raña and Cynthia Alfonso, whose work can be described as a psychedelic liturgy, linking frame by frame using surrealistic imagery, frenetic cuts, use of colour and abstract and geometric forms.

On ‘Holidays Inside’ Robbing Millions showcased his inventive style and overflowing fount of ideas when it came to songwriting. As it turns out, much of ‘Rêve Party’ was written as work on ‘Holidays Inside’ was winding down. “I didn’t really stop writing between the previous album and this one,” he explains, and ‘Réve Party’, accordingly, has the feel of an artist picking up right where they left off and never missing a beat.

‘Rêve Party’ is a massive leap forward for Robbing Millions: a bold collection of songs that are as boundless as they are meticulously arranged. Drawing from his love of French pop, American psychedelic rock, and the endless sprawl of jazz, Fraipont has expanded his sound in every way possible while honing in on the points of inspiration that keep him moving as an artist.

Adding the finishing touches to ‘Rêve Party’s self-produced sheen is Mike Fridmann, who was personally recommended by MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden. “He was so easy to work with,” Fraipont says while discussing Fridmann’s contributions. “The record sounds fuller and more bass-heavy than the previous mixes, which is great.”