RITUAL DICTATES is now sreaming their new album, No Great Loss, ahead of its release this Friday, October 7th via Artoffact Records. No Great Loss is an adventure for the duo, exploring darker, more gloomy atmospheres as they stretch their musical endeavors into new territory.

Stream the new album here: https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2022/10/05/album-premiere-ritual-dictates-no-great-loss/

Justin Hagberg elaborates on the release: “No Great Loss is a natural progression for the band. Trying to recreate Give In To Despair or follow some similar fashion would have felt like swimming against the current, so it was liberating to just go with the flow.

Having the time to write this album was the silver lining I found in isolation. No Great Loss really is a product of the pandemic. I can certainly hear how that period in my life altered the creative writing process and the overall direction we took. And that excites me, knowing that I will find some joy and growth in every new experience of life, however light or dark it may be.”

When RITUAL DICTATES members Justin Hagberg and Ash Pearson decided to join forces on this project, they brought with them all of the aggressive death/thrash that defined their previous work in 3 INCHES OF BLOOD and REVOCATION, while throwing any and all convention out of the window. Their debut album, Give in To Despair, brought together black metal hallmarks like speedy tremolos and icy interludes, plus punk moments and good time rock ‘n’ roll with catchy and fun keyboard accents.

A more gothic endeavour than their previous album, this supergroup of seasoned musicians brings together past and future in a seamless fashion. No Great Loss kicks off with the funky bass line and anthemic vocals of “Burn the Widow.” “My Solitude” shifts into a soulful swaying rhythm while “Goth And Exhausted” carries us to the depths of velvet curtains and smoky nightclubs. The album wraps with “Succumbing to the Ravages of Age” with mournful and dulcet chords and lyrics that anyone growing in life can identify with.

RITUAL DICTATES is a surprising act that offers no limit to their sound exploration. Not content to rest on their laurels, the work of Hagberg and Pearson shows remarkable risk and adventure. Due out October 7th, No Great Loss isn’t merely a musical endeavour, but an artistic expression that shows artists truly cannot be defined and even the heaviest artist can cultivate a poetic aesthetic.

No Great Loss Tracklist:
1.Burn the Widow
2.My Solitude
3.Goth and Exhausted
4.Aqua Tofana
5.Autumn Song
6.Succumbing to the Ravages of Age

Justin Hagberg – Vocals & Guitar
Ash Pearson – Drums