“Sometimes in life individuals are fortunate enough to discover an otherwise unlikely friend/other Human who is as crazy or crazier than themselves; who DO assist them in keeping their lives interesting or to even act as a catalyst and otherwise previously unexpected and unpredictable force of inspiration and motivation…

That being said… THE Brutal, Bloody, and Horror Movie Death Metal Goliath’s REIGN OF VENGEANCE have decided to re-release their Christmas caroler’ jingles: “Frosty The Snowman” and “Jingle Bells”. They have been re-worked with IMPROVED artwork and have been appropriately re-titled: “Frosty The Snowman: BS Remake” and “Jingle Bells: BS Remake”.

Listen to them for the first time EXCLUSIVELY through METAL DEVASTATION RADIO. Turn the volume all the way up and MAKE CERTAIN to play it for THE CRUSTY OLD BOOMERS IN YOUR FAMILY- They Absolutely Deserve It!

These tracks can be downloaded wherever digital downloads exist on the Internet(z)…

Cheers and Hails!”
-Marshall. -(on behalf of the very bad guys in REIGN OF VENGEANCE)

REIGN OF VENGEANCE “American Christmas Horror Tales: BS Edition” line up:
Vocals/Lyrics: Marshall Beck (Rebirth/Reign of Vengeance)
Guitar: Tommy Gibbons (ex-Flaw/Tommy Gibbons Project)
Bass: Ivan Mungia (Deeds of Flesh/Brain Drill)
Drums: Alex Bent (Trivium/Brain Drill/Arkiak)