About one year after the release of their debut album ‘Next Step To Yell’, French groove-nu-metal gang Red Gordon chose to re-release the effort as remixed/remastered reissue – with a slightly different artwork – available right now on CD & digital through the band’s webstore, Bandcamp and all the mail legal platforms.

In addition to the official re-release news, the band also shared the whole effort for FREE STREAMING on Bandcamp.

For the record
Since 2017, the groove metal band Red Gordon has shaped its identity around different music styles like hardcore, nu-metal, death, and groove metal. RG has its heart set on bonding with its audience and created its musical universe around different themes: vices, human drives, and feelings such as darkness, anger, frustration but also joy and love to create a catharsis and create an exit from everyday life.

Aurélien and Tao, respectively the guitarist and the singer of Red Gordon are the ones who created the band. Then Yohann, the bassist and Lucas, the drummer joined them. The members all have the same purpose, loving their music, having the audience loving it too and working hard to keep on getting better.

After a series of several shows, Red Gordon’s first EP ‘Smoke River’ saw the light of the day in 2018 with 6 songs, among which “Hell” and “Fuck and Bye”. The latter had its clip released in 2019. The band performed some thirty shows in several cities, including Lyon, Fréjus, Clermont- Ferrand, Montluçon and has already opened the shows of bands like Dagoba, Sidilarsen, and Black Bomb A.

In 2021, Red Gordon gave birth to its debut full-length ‘Next Step To Yell’ with a warm welcome from both public and critics. BUT, a couple of month later, the band chose to re-release the album in better sound quality.