Vancouver’s pulse-pounding Rebel Priest wants to tap into that adrenaline that is at the end of a shitty day or a shitty situation with their new single “War Horse” coming off a yet-to-be-titled album set for release next year. It promises to be the wrecking ball to get you out of that funk and get those motors revving! Along with this deadly new tune, they are announcing an eight-stop tour in Japan this October.

The band shares their enthusiasm for the truest vision of their signature Trash n’ Roll:
“It’s gonna be the best song to light some new fires in “on the fencers” and the new generation of rock n rollers. It’s a sing-along titan of a song full of teeth-gritting, fist-pounding primal aggression. It’s a statement without politics, it’s a feeling without emotions, it’s a way to move without moving. It’s the first taste of an amazing upcoming album.”

According to Rebel Priest, “War Horse” was originally just an idea they had for a video they will never be able to afford to feature our unnamed anti-hero on a space bike cruising through the universe. The track embodies the idea of trash n’ roll in the sense that most folks don’t see vagabonds as equal people but they keep rolling, always making time for trash n’ roll! It’s the band’s way of saying “f*ck ‘em” to everyone that doesn’t respect you or your path. If it’s you against the world, here’s the warhorse you can ride into battle!

With two EPs and three raging albums already under their belts, this next one is just the tip of another high-octane iceberg! They have a load of tracks ready for the studio and this is just the first single – fans of Motörhead, ZZ Top, and Rose Tattoo are gonna want to keep their pants on and their eyes peeled for what Rebel Priest is bringing down the pipe.

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Rebel Priest ‘Whiskey & Wings’ Japan Tour 2023 w/ Barbarians
Oct 6 – Moon Step – Nakono, Tokyo
Oct 7 – Bar Kurostuki – Yokohoma, Kanagawa
Oct 8 – DOMe – Kashiwa, Chiba
Oct 9 – Kappunk – Shinjunku, Tokyo
Oct 12 – Mele – Namba, Osaka
Oct 13 – King Cobra – Shinsaibashi, Osaka
Oct 14 – Music Farm – Nagoya, Aichi
Oct 15 – Red Shoes – Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo