Porto Portugal’s Sirius Voltage have just announced the release of their debut single “For Your Dreams’” out February 9th on Invicta Sound & Vision and available on all major streaming platforms.

Crafted under the expert guidance of producer Neil Leyton, a longstanding friend of the band, “For Your Dreams” promises to shake the foundations of the rock’n’roll music scene. Neil Leyton, known for his work with Pete Marquis in the early 00s with the Portuguese glam-punk quartet “SILKY,” brings his extensive experience to the table, contributing to a meticulously crafted debut that is poised to make a lasting impact on the global rock ’n’ roll landscape. Drawing inspiration from the North American and Scandinavian underground rock scenes, the recording boasts a stripped-down style that accentuates roomy drums, redlined guitars, and scorching vocals.

The single seamlessly channels the influences of both Leyton and Sirius Voltage, with nods to iconic bands such as Hanoi Rocks, The Hellacopters, Datsuns, The Hives, The Mooney Suzuki, The Clash, and The MC5. “For Your Dreams” is a high-octane anthem that captures the rebellious spirit of Sirius Voltage. The track pays homage to the band’s musical influences while injecting their unique flair. The result is a sonic explosion that encapsulates the raw essence of punk rock, marking the emergence of Sirius Voltage onto the global music scene.

Recorded at Canoa Studios in Portugal, this release signifies the inception of a sonic revolution, paving the way for the eagerly anticipated album set to launch in September 2024. Sirius Voltage, comprising Pete Marquis on vocals and electric guitars, Dave Luxor on drums, João Guedes on bass guitar, and Drewstone on electric guitar duties, forms a dynamic lineup fueled by a wealth of experience and a shared passion for crafting impactful music. As the punk rock world braces for the impending storm that is Sirius Voltage, keep an ear out for updates and announcements building up to the release of their highly awaited album later this year. Ahead of the full-length LP, slated for release in both physical (LP and CD) and digital formats in September 2024, the band will unveil a series of four singles exclusively on digital platforms, with the first dropping in February 2024. Enthusiasts of punk, rock, and garage genres are urged to crank up the volume and immerse themselves in the adrenaline-fueled sound of Sirius Voltage, setting the stage for what promises to be a monumental album release come September 2024.

Unlocking the Youthful Pulse of Rock: The Sirius Voltage Story
In the world of rock ‘n roll, age is but a number, an inconsequential detail. Just take a glance at Keith Richards, and you’ll understand that rock ‘n roll possesses a magic of its own—an alchemy, a unique language, a way of existence that leads to a rejuvenating elixir. For those driven by the thrill of passion rather than the constraints of time, playing rock ‘n roll becomes a timeless fountain of youth, drawing inspiration from the rhythm and blues of the 60s or the glam and punk of the 70s.
Enter the enigmatic “Sirius Voltage,” a band that seems to communicate in a musical code. They effortlessly weave references to Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, Bauhaus, or Hellacopters into the fabric of our Lusitanian daily life, creating an intriguing narrative reminiscent of an encyclopedic soap opera within the underground rock ‘n roll scene. While residing on a different musical planet, this quartet shares the cosmic journey with the great idols of the past.
At the forefront of Sirius Voltage is Pedro Marques, better known as Pete Marquis, a rock ‘n roll singer-songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist. His musical journey has taken him across the landscapes of Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The current lineup includes the rhythmic expertise of Dave Luxor on drums (formerly of Legoland, Silky, and Jesus Trigger), João Guedes on bass (formerly of City Zen), and Drewstone on the second guitar (known from O Incrível Homem Bomba). Together, they channel the spirit of rock ‘n roll, whether performing live, recording new music, with or without makeup, drawing influence from the likes of the New York Dolls or the Ramones—always aiming for something bigger, better, faster, and more.
Prior to Sirius Voltage, Pete Marquis ventured into the musical landscape, recording an album in Toronto with Silky—a quartet infused with British-pop and glam-rock influences. The lineup included Fernando Sousa, later a member of X-Wife, and the skilled Daon drums alongside Pedro Valentim on bass, referred to as Valentine by the Luso-Canadian producer Neil Leyton (now the vocalist of Lusitanian Ghosts). Subsequently, Marquis founded Jesus Trigger, steering towards a heavier rock sound, evoking echoes of Backyard Babies with a touch of less Suede. Always speaking in code and adhering to an urban glam rock aesthetic, their visual presence was a rarity in Portugal.
The belief that rock ‘n roll doesn’t age, even after two decades, resonates strongly with Sirius Voltage. They invite the thunder, the storm, the raw energy of thunder, ushering in a new futurism for Portuguese Rock’n’Roll.
Anticipate the arrival of the debut album from the “Sirius Voltage,” scheduled for release in September 2024 in both physical (LP and CD) and digital formats. Prior to this full-length release, the band will unveil a series of four singles exclusively on digital platforms, with the first one set to drop in February 2024.
It’s time to introduce a fresh twist to the new generation. This country, contrary to belief, is not reserved for the old folks. The secrets of this ancient, primordial alchemy—alright, let’s call it the last century’s magic—unfold best amid the electric guitar’s feedback and the contagious smiles of these four youthful individuals, poised once again to take the stage.