Melodic indie / alternative rock duo Para Lia presents their new single ‘Yellow Rose’, an ode to losing a loved one who can never be forgotten and keeping a piece of them in your heart – forever. Loaded with melody, this dreamy rock composition is the second taste of their album ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’, to be released on August 25 via Berlin label About Us Records.

The yellow rose stands for loyalty, close friendships and the circle of trust. Here, Para Lia creates the perfect symbiosis of these – melancholy with warmth, sadness with joy, and the prospects of hope – all at the same time.

Para Lia is multi-instrumentalist René Methner and vocalist Cindy Methner. Born of their love for Greece, the name “para lia” (παραλία) means “coast” or “beach” in Greek is full of mystery and optimism, both having its story and evoking balance between the masculine and feminine. Raised in the eastern part of a divided Germany, they are now based in Cottbus (near Berlin).

Para Lia’s music is influenced by the rhythms and tones of ‘90s alt-rock and the synth density of ‘80s darkwave. Their own sound blends melodic guitars, along with distinctive lead guitar and resonant synths.

“This is a song about the loss of a loved person, a very emotive track and an attempt to mirror the fragility of life in the song’s arrangement. Para Lia is joined here by two fantastic musicians – Fady Haddad from Baltimore, who provides beautiful synth parts and also joined us on our last album for two tracks. And Christian Georgi – a classical musician, who has been part of the staff at the Staatstheater Cottbus for many years – who plays the E-piano on this track,” says René Methner.

Cindy Methner adds, “What is the best way to express emotions? Spoiler: there are not so many ways. Whether it’s joy, excitement, melancholy or sadness. Often you can feel several things at once and you don’t even recognise what you‘re dealing with. This is especially the case when you lose somebody important in your life – whatever the reason, wherever it takes place. this applies to friends, soulmates as well as family – people who have grown dear to you.

This follows up the lead single ‘Sunchild’, a driving, guitar-laden indie rock lead track that is accompanied by a fun-filled nostalgic self-directed video.

Ignoring the zeitgeist of this day and age, Para Lia creates music that is far from mainstream. Debuting with the ‘Soap Bubble Dreams’ album in 2019, followed by ‘Gone With The Flow’, which involved artists from the USA, Canada and the UK, as well as a collaborative interactive art exhibition with painter Louis Renzoni.

Now Para Lia is ready to enter the next chapter with the new album ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’. Self-recorded and produced at their home studio, these tracks were then mastered by Thommy Hein (Die Ärzte, Nina Hagen, Udo Lindenberg) at Tonstudios Berlin. This album sees them blend their love for late 80’s and early 90’s indie rock with 60’s influences, psychedelic, garage rock and early prog rock elements.

‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’ sees Para Lia grow on yet another level with the band expanding from two members to six with an eye towards upcoming live performances.

As of June 16, ‘Yellow Rose’ is available digitally across fine music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp. The full album ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’ will be released, both digitally and on vinyl, on August 25.

René Methner – guitars, bass guitar, keys, drum programming, vocals
Cindy Methner – vocals
Fady Haddad – synth on ‘Yellow Rose‘
Christian Georgi – e-piano on ‘Yellow Rose‘ and ‘Sunchild (Reprise)’
Andreas Jäpel – vocals on ‘Mr. Perry’
Lyrics and music by René Methner
Recorded and produced by Para Lia
Mixed by Para Lia and Thommy Hein
Mastered by Thommy Hein at The Thommy Hein Tonstudios Berlin
Cover artwork by: Georgia Moschogianni
P&C 2023 Para Lia under exclusive license to About Us Records GmbH
‘Sunchild’ video by René Methner