PALLAS’ songwriting revolves around topics such as escapism and the loneliness that sometimes overwhelms her.

“It can seem strange to feel lonely when you have lots of friends, a strong and supportive family and a good job. Why would you feel alone when everything tells you that you should be on top?” PALLAS asks, hitting the head on the symptomatic nail for large parts of an entire generation of young people who are weighed down by constant comparisons with others on social media.

Studies show that 26% of children and young people in Denmark often or sometimes feel lonely.

“I feel like people around me are doing a lot of cool things and that I’m falling behind. It leaves me with a little nagging feeling that I can best describe as loneliness and FOMO.”

But rather than letting it get her down, PALLAS has tried to use her songwriting as a kind of antidote: “I thought it would be fun if you used the songs to create a musical place where you actually preferred to be. A playground opened up in these songs, and some of the lyrics became very surrealistic, and that’s just a lot of fun to work with”.