Oktaf Kanis, an Indonesian rock musician has released an album which is his second album “Another Vision” which was released on October 7, 2022. The album “Another Vision” contains 10 tracks and the other one is “Another Vision (Deluxe Edition)” there are 16 track tracks, 6 of which are bonus tracks on the album. The album “Another Vision” has been released digitally, and can already be enjoyed on a number of digital music platforms.

This album is full of alternative rock nuances and there are several songs that can be said to be in the pop rock genre with modern rock recipes inherent in a number of songs on this album. Oktaf Kanis immediately worked on this album after he released his first album entitled “Living in Infamy (Blue)” which was released digitally in August 2021.

In early 2022 Oktaf Kanis began to create a campaign for his second album “Another Vision” by releasing a the single which started with the single “Starlight” and then followed by 4 other singles namely “Come On”, “Wheel”, “My Radio”, and “Coming From The Darkside”, and these songs are already on the track list of their second album “Another Vision”, and Oktaf Kanis claimed that some of the songs on this album he had composed since he was in college.