Is a spirited group which combines rock, rap, and EDM into a distinct sonic experience.

ʀᴜɴɴɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏғ ʟɪғᴇ is the second single from NORMUNDY’s upcoming third full-length record. A unique blend of metalcore, modern rock, hip hop, EDM, and prog, this track is about coping with the realization that nothing is permanent.

The song begins with a dreary outlook, viewing the temporary nature of life and the Universe with anxiety and dismay. However, as the song progresses, a new revelation unfolds; the idea that impermanence actually creates ineffable meaning in everything.
If nothing lasts forever, then each moment is infinitely valuable.

Drawing influence from across the musical spectrum, the Indianapolis-based band delivers powerful lyrics, genre-breaking soundscapes, and a fiery and infectious live energy wrapped in a deep-rooted spiritual message.

The group endeavors to carry its sound and message far and wide through engaging, high-energy performances.

Founded in 2017 by singing vocalist Joshua D-Day, NORMUNDY has undergone a foundational metamorphosis since its conception. What started as an endeavor to craft a unique signature sound through innovative genre-blending and fearless lyricism morphed into a vessel for conveying a critical spiritual message.

This message, which spreads awareness of “The Connection,” is now the essence and lifeblood of NORMUNDY. “The Connection” is the interconnectedness which physically and metaphysically unifies everything in our Universe, and the band’s music and live performances are meant to contextualize how this interconnectedness plays a role in our lives.

Backed by a driving purpose and a clear vision, NORMUNDY’s founder is joined by brothers in arms BVNE on rapping vocals, Cody IX on guitar, Jake Gulla on bass, and Andrew Taylor on drums.

The group endeavors to carry its sound and message far and wide through engaging, high-energy performances, the group continues to take the industry by storm with a dedicated following whose passion matches that of the band’s members.

Joshua D-Day – Singing Vocals
BVNE – Rapping Vocals
Andrew Taylor – Drums
Jake Gulla – Bass
Cody IX – Guitar