The Ninth Life Meowtal Show is an evening of metal hosted in aid of Toronto-based charity Ninth Life Cat Rescue. The show will take place at The Rockpile, Toronto, Ontario, on February 26th, 2023.

“I have been a cat person for a long time, and my family members and I have all fostered many cats for the rescue. I have seen some poor kittens have their lives cut short due to various medical conditions people don’t realize are quite common. I have five cats of my own and they’ve always showered me with unconditional love. I wanna give something back to the kitties. I also love putting on a good metal show.” – Michael Johnson

Purchase online tickets at $16.66! Tickets will also be available on the door for the price of $20.

The event will celebrate some fantastic heavy acts from around Ontario, including the five-piece Death Metal band, ALL THAT IS UNHOLY, based out of Brantford, Ontario. They deliver fast paced groovy riffage and drumming that will make heads move while brutal vocals with demonic highs and lows stand neck hairs. PILLARS OF AUTUMN are a technical deathcore band from St. Catherine’s, while CNTRL hail from Toronto and add a thrilling theatrical element with their sci-fi/ horror themed technical death metal. Also from Toronto, MORTALFALL slow it down with their atmospheric gothic doom metal and AXMINISTER bring a more traditional set with their sound influenced by the likes of SLAYER, MEGADETH and MANOWAR.

Line Up: