New Jersey-based indie rock trio Quiz Show presents their new ‘Super Concrete’ single. This is the first taste of their ‘Flotsam’ EP, which will be released via Montclair, NJ-based Magic Door Record Label.

Quiz Show is made up of Shudder To Think’s Chris Matthews and bassist Jesse Krakow, together with drummer Joe Billy, who replaces the original drummer Kevin March (Guided By Voices, The Dambuilders).

Found floating or washed up by the sea, ‘Flotsam’ represents the shattered, lost stories of people’s lives. It’s easy to ignore, but perhaps there is value in treating flotsam as a mystery to solve, a story to tell, a lost connection between past and present waiting to be discovered.

Recorded and produced by award-winning producer Ray Ketchem (Guided By Voices, Luna, Versus, Elk City, Gramercy Arms) at his Magic Door Recording Studio, this EP was engineered by Ketchem with Brian Robbins (Blondie, Bring Me The Horizon, Papa Roach).

“Super Concrete was the name of the company my brother worked for before he passed. He was a different sort of person, mostly a source of the unexpected, and usually trouble. Many wrote him off as poorly adjusted – as flotsam – but that’s not even close. So, while he may have lived a nontraditional life working at Super Concrete, living in DC’s gay community, and making a home with his boyfriend, he created a life of beauty and purpose,” says Chris Matthews.

“These songs are the first that the current Quiz Show lineup wrote together from scratch. We each added our instrumental work and vocals, but in the process discovered something new and unexpected– a whole that was far more than the sum of its parts. This EP offers three original songs that tell stories about living – both now and in the past. There is something melancholy about the record, but also a resonant chord of joy and perseverance.”

In 2023, the band released their 12-track eponymous debut album to wide acclaim – an electrifying collection that is full of protest, friendship and frustration.

As of March 5, ‘Super Concrete’ is available via Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp. The full ‘Flotsam’ EP will be released on March 29 and can be pre-ordered directly from the band.

Chris Matthews / guitars, vocals
Jesse Krakow / bass, backing vocals
Joe Billy III / drums, backing vocals
Produced by Ray Ketchem
Engineered by Brian Robbins and Ray Ketchem
Mixed and Mastered by Ray Ketchem
Recording at Magic Door Recording, Montclair NJ
Songs by Chris Matthews and Quiz Show
© 2024 Shake at the Thought (BMI)