Manhattan-based artist Nevaris presents a NYC audio-visual experience in ‘Interference’, a fabulous grooved-up track that was inspired by the energy of growing up in New York City. This soulful sonic offering can be found on Nevaris’ debut ‘Reverberations’ album, a fertile soulful collaboration with legendary bassist-producer Bill Laswell, which combines dub, funk, Afro-Latin rhythms, turntablism and extended improvisation.

Released via Laswell’s own label M.O.D. Reloaded, this rhythm-driven dub-based project, with breakbeat, funk, ambient, and afro-latin elements gained early support from Carlos Santana, who called this collection “a work of supreme creativity”.

The video for ‘Interference’ incorporates street videography from NYC, captured over a multi-year period. This includes footage of 5 Pointz before it was painted over, shot between the cars of the 7 train. Additionally, it features glitching signs at port authority, Hurricane Irene passing over, street scenes, and footage of the rhythm section behind the track in the studio and also live. The video features legendary bassist and producer Bill Laswell, drummer Lockatron, turntablist DJ Logic, and Nevaris on percussion.

“Interference is my favorite track off ‘Reverberations’ and the video captures some of the energy of NYC that has been a part of my life for so long. The A train, the West Side Highway, 14th Street, 181 Street, and the studio in West Orange New Jersey are all captured here, in addition to the shots of 5 Pointz from the 7 train from when I was working out of LIC for a while,” says Nevaris.

“There’s an energy when you move through the streets of NYC, especially at night. I enjoyed trying to capture that a little bit through the video both in terms of sound and the visual elements. I hope people enjoy it.”

‘Reverberations’ is the third collaboration between Nevaris, Bill Laswell and this lineup of musicians (DJ Logic, Will Bernard, Peter Apfelbaum, Lockatron) with the addition of Matt Dickey. On this release, they focus more on the dub aspects of their sound. The artists’ New York roots shine through. Bass, percussion, drums and turntables take center stage, with a sound that channels the city’s vibrancy.

Nevaris is a musician and artist of Mexican and European descent, who is heavily influenced by Afro-Latin, dub, and funk music. Prior to recording ‘Reverberations’, Nevaris recorded and performed with an evolving lineup of musicians under the name Loud Apartment, most notably Bernie Worrell of P-Funk and Talking Heads fame.

“This record builds on the momentum from ‘System Breakdown’ and ‘New Future’, which we released in 2020 and 2022 as Loud Apartment. There were dub aspects of those recordings, so Bill Laswell and I decided to create a recording entirely focused on that sound. It was a logical next step and came together in an organic way. We let the music go where it needed to go,” says Nevaris.

In addition to his work as a musician, Nevaris is a visual and multimedia artist, who has worked on a vast array of creative projects across mediums. He also co-founded Nolej Records, Nolej Studios and the Uncomun Festival.

‘Reverberations’ is out now, available from fine digital music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp.

All songs written by Agustín Crawford (Ollin Publishing, BMI) & Bill Laswell (BassMatter BMI)
Nevaris – percussion, electric piano, Hammond organ
Bill Laswell – bass, EFX
DJ Logic – turntables
Peter Apfelbaum – horns, Busilacchio electric reed organ
Will Bernard – guitar
Matt Dickey – guitar
Lockatron – drums
Produced by Bill Laswell
Created at Orange Music, West Orange, NJ
Engineered by James Dellatacoma
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studio
Horn arrangements by Peter Apfelbaum
Cover artwork by Realize. Designed by Yoko Yamabe
Bill Laswell uses Ampeg amplification & D’Addario string

1 . Dub Sol 07:17
2 . Disruption 04:29
3 . Ninth Sun 05:46
4 . Remedy 06:21
5 . Interference 07:26
6 . Safehouse 05:16
7 . Frequencia 04:50
8 . Lockatronic 03:43