Expertly wielding the fierce brutality and unfathomable hopelessness in the face of modernity, NECROVESCENT RUINER is bracing for the beginning of the end with their new album Untouchable Faith Decay, due out March 17th 2023. An album in name, but a cataclysmic odyssey in nature, Untouchable Faith Decay is a single track, 27 minutes in length. You will have no respite, no haven from the ghoulish atmospheric black metal onslaught.

Setting the stage for the end of days, Untouchable Faith Decay is a concept piece that takes place in a pre-post-apocalyptic setting, where implant tech went overboard hundreds of years prior and fused with our DNA causing ghastly “upgrades” to the human experience. If you have less than 8 eyes, you are considered unclean, untouchable.

“Stop trying so hard, let reality wash over you like a fresh acid shower,” project architect Andrew Stromstad (BOX) muses as the analog for the decay of existence takes shape. This project is a single take, wherein Andrew is “letting the entirety of what I am capable of doing fall out in an instant without any retakes.”

Untouchable Faith Decay is musically and thematically a journey through decay and depravity, one of perpetual solitude and aching hopelessness, driven straight into the heart of who we are. This is cheerless music for sunless days.