Necessary Evil (ex-Violet Sky) project was formed in 2019 by two people with pseudonyms Cain Grey (music\recording\mixing\lyrics) and Violet de Vitte (vocals\lyrics). In the spring of 2021, the project released its first EP album Modern Fairytales under the old name, consisting of 5 tracks. Immediately after that, an animated video clip was released for the composition Grey Cat Story. In their EP album, the guys used exclusively live instruments, and their style was close to Hard Rock\Heavy Metal, except for the track Lycanthropy, which was written in the Black Metal style.

In October 2021, the project released a new video clip – cover to the song Rats by Motionless in White on its YouTube channel. After that, the project changed its name to Necessary Evil, and the guys started writing the first full-length album, in which they began to combine heavy and electronic music.

At the end of August 2022, the project released its first full-length album called Beautiful Death, which consists of 10 tracks. The album’s tracks combine genres such as Industrial Metal, Alternative Metal with elements of Modern Metal, Metalcore and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Immediately after that, the guys released a video clip for the song Last Party. The lyrics of the project are devoted to various topics with a social, fantastic and mystical bias, as well as fictional stories that have their own plot.

Necessary Evil is currently a two-person independent musical project featuring a variety of female vocals and a mix of heavy extreme and electronic dance music.