Andrew Smith’s latest album, “The Garden,” is a captivating musical journey that invites listeners to immerse themselves in warm, nostalgic, musical bedtime stories. Produced by his Berklee classmate and dear friend, Jonathan Elyashiv, the album masterfully weaves together lessons of self-acceptance, fame, friendship, heartbreak, and romance, transforming them into enchanting musical fables for all ages. With his unique play on words and a touch of familiarity, Andrew aims to provide comfort to those seeking their true selves and inspire hope for those embarking on their own personal journeys.

Among the notable tracks on “The Garden,” “Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay” explores Andrew’s Catholic upbringing as he fearlessly creates his own prayer, aiming to eradicate shame and embrace liberation. In “I Don’t Wanna Be Famous Anymore,” he delves into the intricacies of celebrity life and reflects on one’s purpose in our ever-evolving social climate. “My Life Is A Movie” showcases Smith’s profound love for cinema and his childlike Spielberg wonder, offering an honest depiction of anxiety and the choice to live life fully.

“Wrinkled” takes a comedic approach as Andrew narrates his coming out process and the challenges he faced while residing in his parents’ attic during the pandemic. In “Rockabye 25,” Smith reminisces about his first relationship with a man amidst the chaotic backdrop of New York City. “Emoji Heart (Stephen’s Song)” delves into the complexities of platonic love, exploring the discomfort men often feel when expressing love for each other without romantic connotations—a struggle that transcends sexual orientation.

In “HomeGoods,” Andrew intertwines his affection for the store with a critique of consumerism, reminding us that material possessions and trinkets cannot fill the voids within us. “Husband Energy” exudes a joyful and liberating spirit, celebrating the lives of LGBTQ+ community members and their rightful place in traditional marriage. The beautiful track “My Neighbor Mariana” displays Smith’s vivid imagination as he weaves a captivating story about his upstairs neighbors based solely on observations made on the street and through the floorboards.

The album concludes with the soul-stirring finale, aptly titled “The Garden,” in which Andrew reflects on the dreams of his childhood that remain unfulfilled. However, he expresses gratitude for the unwavering support of everyone in his life who has joined him on this musical journey, inspiring him to find his own unique song.

“The Garden” by Andrew Smith is out now. Prepare to be captivated by Andrew’s heartfelt storytelling and melodic prowess as he invites you into his enchanting world.