Belgian Melodic Death metal band MORDKAUL released “Crown Of Worms”, the second single from the upcoming album “Feeding The Machine – Part 1”. “Crown Of Worms” is the opening track of “Feeding The Machine”.

The influences on “Feeding The Machine – Part 1” are a bit more diverse than on the debut album “Dress Code: Blood” but “Crown Of Worms” might be closest to the 90’s Swedish death metal feel that was clearly present on the debut album. “Crown Of Worms” starts with a swelling intro before turning into a true moshpit rager. Just like the first track that was released earlier, “For I Am Machine”, expect aggressive dual vocals, highly energetic drums and a groovy mid part with shredding solos.

About the lyrics, Mordkaul says: “We tend to admire and follow those who lack moral qualities. Misled by appearance and words, we idolize those who eventually lead us to our demise. It seems to be ingrained in human nature that we choose to be misguided by those who corrupt and feed on our soul.”

Feeding The Machine – Part 1 was recorded at the end of Summer 2022 at Project Zero studio by Yarne Heylen. Just like with Dress Code: Blood, mixing and mastering was done by Dan Swanö. Release of the album is planned on February 16th 2023.

Music written by Tim Bekaert
Vocals done by Tommy Goffin
Lyrics written by Raf Biesmans
Recording done at Project Zero Studios, Belgium
Mixing / Mastering done by Unisound (Dan Swano)
Artwork by Timur Khabirov
Video by Yarne Heylen & Nicholas Gauwloos