Take My Hand depicts a tale of love and obsession that transcends time. It brilliantly unveils the mask of a narcissist disguised as a hopeless romantic to catch their prey.

“It’s from the point of view of someone who believes in one true love and yet as sort of an obsession or possession. It seems like a story or point of view of a hopeless romantic but with a character such as Joe Goldberg vibes (Netflix You), it’s actually kind of sad and touching how much this person wants to be seen and loved for who he/she is. The mention of Neverland shows Peter Pan syndrome. Like a hurt inner child that desperately seeks love.” – Explains Alex Crowe

Get Through is the personal solo project of Alex Crowe from Montreal. Get Through uses music to share a view and personal experience on heavy topics such as emotional and physical abuse, suicidal behavior, personality disorders and human emotions/feelings. The music comprises heavy guitar riffs and melodic vocal lines. Their lyrics remind the structure of Ernest Hemingway’s novels, where there is always a plot twist.
With a main influence from bands like Alter bridge, Creed and Tremonti, Get Through is set to deliver a twist on modern Alternative Metal sound to keep your ears tuned.