Canada-based Cabrakaän are originally from Mexico and even though they live far from their homeland they aspire to share the mythology, traditions, and sounds of their home country with metalheads everywhere. With their latest album “Aztlán” they hope to give their listeners an immersive experience that draws them into a different world. The concept album features a fusion of multiple genres and is representative of the cultural integration that they evoke in lyrical and musical themes. The latest single “La Cigarra” ft. Reed Alton (Osyron) is a traditional mariachi song that Cabrakaän turns into a melodic metal masterpiece. They comment:

“This song is a cover of a traditional mariachi song by Raymundo Pérez Soto. The lyrics represent the feelings an artist has whenever they sing. Their love of singing is so powerful that they are willing to die for it, just as the cicada (cigarra). The song features guest vocalist Reed Alton of melodic metal band Osyron performing a verse and some harmonies, and a guest violinist James Watson. As in the original, it’s vocally powerful – but with a distinctive metal turn.”

Cabrakaän begins the songwriting process by establishing an album theme and all the songs on an album connect with that overall theme. “Aztlán” is centered on the Spanish conquest – colonization and the defeat of Mexico’s Aztec empire, Tenochtitlán. Some songs chronicle stories from before the Spaniards’ arrival to Mesoamerica, and others draw on their rich culture that transformed from centuries of cultural fusion, which makes them who they are.

On “Aztlán” audiences can expect to hear a mature, grander version of their familiar sound that interweaves metal with symphonic and folk elements. Even though their lyrics are in multiple languages, people of all linguistic backgrounds will hear their stories through the music itself. It is recommended for fans of Amon Amarth, Megadeth, and Maria Grever.

“Aztlán” is due out on November 17, 2023, and available for pre-order at

Track Listing:
1 Tonantzin – 3:50
2 Fuego – 5:28
3 Tlaloc – 4:01
4 Luces y Sombras – 3:51
5 Malintzin – 5:16
6 Mictlán – 4:25
7 Yolot – 5:16
8 Xóchitl – 2:42
9 La Cigarra (featuring Reed Alton) – 5:31
10 Mictlán (English Version) – 4:25
11 Fuego (English Version) – 5:28
Album Length: 50:13

Album Credits:
–Produced by Marko Cipäktli and Cody Anstey
–All songs mixed by Cody Anstey at Clarity Recording & Mixing (Osyron, Ravenous E.H., Wu-Tang Clan)
–All songs mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Amorphis)
–All lyrics by Pat Cuikani & Marko Cipäktli

Album Band Line-up:
Pat Cuikani, Vocals
Marko Cipäktli, Drums & Rough Vocals
Alex Navarro, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
David Saldarriaga Tobón – Bass, Classical Guitar

Live Band Line-up:
Pat Cuikani, Vocals
Marko Cipäktli, Drums & Rough Vocals
Alex Navarro, Lead Guitar
Brendan Wilkinson, Rhythm Guitar
David Saldarriaga Tobón – Bass, Classical Guitar