MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY is the solo project created by producer/songwriter/front-man J. Bergman who has a history as the drummer in SLAPDASH (Nuclear Blast rec) and ROSICRUCIAN (Black Mark Prod). With the album “DOOMSDAY CLOCK“ 2020 GMR Music) J.B raised the bar as a songwriter/producer/musician and now MMI is back with a vengeance.” ESCHATON I.

Reckoning Day” is the first one out of three EP/Mini-albums in the new Man Machine Industry album-trilogy. The trilogy theme are different and takes on ”the end of the world”. Not all of the songs carries the theme but the cover art and most songs do.

The three albums will also have a guest vocalist on one song each and on ”ESCHATON I” it’s none other than the legendary Mr. Dave Hill of the NWOBHM/Progressive Rock pioneers DEMON, who does a duet with J. Bergman on the song ”Information Overload”, co-written with another talented songwriter/producer, Erik Mårtensson of ECLIPSE.