13 tracks of blistering abbrasive deathgrind. A furiously dizzying offering of auditory punishment from Justin Vølus and Jared Moran of Psionic Madness & Out Of The Mouth Of Graves. Out on Vargheist Records on March 1st.

Artist: Maggot Crown
Album: Apparition of Faces
Release Date: March 1st, 2023
Genres: Deathgrind, Grindcore, Brutal Death Metal
Formats: Compact Disc, Digital
Label: Vargheist Records
Location: North Carolina, USA
Length: 36:27
Price: $12 Compact Disc, $4 Digital

Album Credits:
Justin Vølus – Vocals / Lyrics / Guitar Leads
Jared Moran – Rhythm Guitars / Bass / Drums

Original Front Cover Artwork – Tawney Arredondo
Recoloring & CD Inlay Design – Justin Vølus
Mixing / Mastering – Nicholas Turner from Nothing is Real

All Rights Reserved to Vargheist Records & Maggot Crown

Track Listing:
1.Purge Dead Worlds (03:08)
2.Arise Eldritch Messiah (02:55)
3.Subterranean Warfare (02:39)
4.Embalmed In Perfection (02:56)
5.Trifecta of Teeth (03:43)
6.Silence Before the Corpse of Heaven (03:04)
7.Xenomorphic Crusade (01:39)
8.The Coven Throne (02:50)
9.Freezing Angelic Dread (02:29)
10.Pestilent Scourge (03:52)
11.Devoid Extermination (01:39)
12.Spewing Malice Forth (02:34)
13.Apparition of Faces (03:20)
Songs For Airplay:
6.Silence Before the Corpse of Heaven (03:04)
12.Spewing Malice Forth (02:34)

Message From the Artist:
MAGGOT CROWN returns with a Sophomore full length album “Apparition of Faces” for a March 1st, 2023 release via Vargheist Records on CD format.
Justin Vølus and Jared Moran return to the band after putting out, 2 top 10 death metal releases in 2022 “Psionic Madness – Rotting Dominion” and “Out of the Mouth of Graves – Harbinger Unceremonious”. The formidable Death Grind duo once again prepared to assault the US Death Metal / Grindcore scene with it’s blistering speed, gutturals and visceral abrasiveness.

13 tracks of blistering Death Grind, Justin Vølus handles Vocals/Lyrics and Guitar Leads while Jared Moran is on Drums, Bass and Rhythm Guitars.
For fans of Death Grind, Grindcore and Brutal Death Metal.
-Vargheist Records

About the Album
Justin Vølus and Jared Moran of Psionic Madness and Out Of The Mouth Of Graves join forces once more to bring us thirteen tracks of blisteringly abbrasive deathgrind. For those who are already familiar with Maggot Crown’s work, you will find many of the same elements that you loved previously, along with plenty of new innovation and an expanded overall sound. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the project, then you are in for a treat.
Justin’s vocal delivery is as powerful as ever, hitting the listener with crushingly powerful gutturals and raw biting shrieked techniques. The balance struck between the two styles keeps things fresh and exciting an is matched in variety by the album’s instrumental work. There’s a somewhat cavernous quality to the gutturals that gives the album a subtle haunting quality that creeps beneath the violence.
Jared comes at us full force with his patented human drum machine delivery, assaulting the listener without any hope of respite. His work is so furious and abbrasive that it hardly seems human. We also have Jared to thank for the rhythm guitar and bass work on the album, which adds a whole new layer of depth the an already swirling maelstrom of dissonant sound. Cutting through this wall of sound like a buzzsaw is Justin’s lead guitar work, which pushes ever forward on unstoppable march towards oblivion.
In summary, if you like raw, aggressive deathgrind backed by expert technical proficiency and unmatched physical power then do not miss Apparition of Faces.