LVictoria produced eight albums, and was part of the Grammys in 2015. As a lead singer, lead guitarist, and producer, she represents Jackson Guitars and EVH amplifications. She also notably toured with Bret Michaels, Firehouse, Ace Frehley, and more.

In 2015 LVictoria produced her ElectroPop Rock album Series of Miracles with Multi-Grammy producer Lester Mendez who also works with Shakira, Jewel, and Beyonce.

The Grammys recognized this album in 2015, and LVictoria continued to produce songs that are part of TV shows and films.

In 2016 she became the official lead guitarist for the Latin American Idol Tengo Talento.
Later, in 2020 she started touring with her solo band, LVictoria, with LA Velvet, or with her new industrial band Warriors of Light.

LV has teamed up with Dave Ellefson from Megadeth, Rudy Sarzo from Whitesnake and Matt Starr from Ace Frehley’s band and others to produce her new album, “Warrior Life.”
The album already pre-sold many copies between promoting and performing as a solo artist with LA Velvet and Warriors of Light.

Additionally, she keeps collaborating with other artists like Corey Taylor from Slipknot.
LVictoria performs her original songs and 80′ hits with LA Velvet and more Industrial Metal with Warriors of Light. The sound and performance have an 80′ rock edge mixed with the most innovative production and style. A must-see show!

This year is promising in LVictoria’s career as she will be performing and will be one of the main characters in a Netflix International TV Show Series.

LV continues to surprise and please her audience worldwide with her unique style and explosive songs, vocals, guitars, and performance!

After her national tours, she is doing a tour in Europe at the end of the year, performing in Germany, Italy, and Poland following a SouthAmerican tour.

Warriors of Light is a Faith-based, American Industrial Metal band delivering a powerful fusion of heavy-hitting metal & electronic soundscapes through explosive live performances. The Warriors of Light mission & messages focus on the ongoing battle against the principalities of darkness, fear & despair by using music as a weapon to shed truth, light & victory to all the ends of the earth.