London-based alternative rock artist Sabatta presents his rip-roaring new single ‘Get Your Shit Together’ (along with a radio edit) as a wake up call to the masses. A funkadelic groove-laden track that is as addictive as it is memorable, this song heralds his forthcoming album ‘How To Get Even’.

Revolving around guitarist and songwriter Yinka Oyewole, who was raised in Essex and is of Nigerian lineage, Sabatta crafts a raw and individual sound with spiky guitar and an inimitable voice, like a mix of Hendrix, QOTSA and early Red Hot Chili Peppers strained through the sieve of South London. And it’s no wonder with musical influences ranging from Curtis Mayfield, Prince, Tupac and Hendrix to Bad Brains, Thin Lizzy, Parliament / Funkadelic and Black Sabbath.

We’ve all heard the expression of being ‘in two minds’ or having a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other – but what happens when the opposing sides of our conscience come to life? The video for Sabatta’s new single ‘Get Your Shit Together’ brings those ideas to life in stark and spectacular fashion!

At the song’s opening, we are confronted with furiously fuzzy guitars that return to growl at us in each chorus. This contrasts with super wah-wah riffing in the verse, all leading up to sweet solo shredding in the musical breakdown. All this matched with Yinka’s lyrical vulnerability about struggling with the hedonistic lifestyle musicians often feel compelled to indulge in. Here we have a concoction as hard to resist as the demons Yinka is waging war with through his words, emphasizing that we’ve all got to get our shit together at some point – there’s no better time than the present.

Yinka Oyewole says “this is the most cohesive and free Sabatta album I’ve produced. It’s also the most raw and unfiltered. I love storytelling, I love guitar playing, I love grooves. And I love being my own person, even if that’s seen as rebellious or contrary, on the new album I’m just being me.”

Produced and mixed by Yinka Oyewole for Blackfriars Entertainment, this album was recorded by Alex Franklinos at Shrunken Heads Studio (King Krule, Ghostpoet, Songdog, Domino Records) and mastered at London’s EC Mastering (Sony, Universal, BBC),

Yinka Oyewole began making noise with their debut album ‘Middle Of the Night’, released in 2015. With their sound, being compared to Hendrix and QOTSA, but with an edge like Bad Brains and The Clash, the album’s lead single ‘Politician’ garnered national play on BBC 6 Music, setting the band off touring nationally.

Some may call this “grunge soul” or “funk-punk rock”, but it is also very much “alternative rock” in the sense that it rests on raw-as-f**k riffs with thought-police proof lyrics that provide a view alternative to the conventional wisdom. Here we have super dirty riffs, grooves that would make both Black Sabbath and George Clinton proud, lyrics with the vitriol and vulnerability of Tupac, and the wit of Elvis Costello.

As of September 15, ‘Get Your Shit Together’ will be available across digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Sabatta will be releasing the full album ‘How To Get Even’ on Friday, November 17.

Music and lyrics by Yinka Oyewole
Recorded by Alex Franklinos at Shrunken Heads Studio, London
Produced and mixed by Yinka Oyewole for Blackfriars Entertainment
Mastered by Aaron McIntosh at EC Mastering, London
Guitar, Bass, Vocals – Yinka Oyewole
Drums – Adam Frederick Jacques
Video created by Keif Gwinn for Sketch in Studios, co-directed by Yinka Oyewole
Cover artwork by Tilt Designs
Artist photography by Marisa Knight