As he announces the vinyl release of his ‘Wild Rice’ album, indie rocker Leon Frear presents ‘A Murder of Crows’ and ‘She Fed Me Water’, two choice tracks from this debut album, conveying stories as a rock confessional. Representing a fresh start for Frear upon moving to Chicago, Frear’s music speaks of love, lust, broken promises, miscommunication, and incinerated bridges, informed by his own personal experience.

His first release under this moniker, this potent 10-track offering reflects a dramatic period in which he experienced a life-altering love affair, its implosion and aftermath, followed by a decade of reflection and changes.

Earlier, Frear released the singles ‘A Morning House’ (about regret and hope), ‘A Town Called Chapel’ (a poison pen love letter to an historically musical time and place, ruined plans and lost relationships”, and his first single ‘Secret Second Moon’ with a fantastic animated video by French artist Ronald Grandpey.

This collection sees Frear playing every instrument and capturing every breath to tape during a recording process that took years to complete. A guitar-based post-punk / indie rock album at its core, ‘Wild Rice’ has a gentle soul – one could even call it “post-alternative”.

Laced with hints of sadness and regret, anger and remorse, the lyrics are tempered with sardonic wit that leaves the listener wondering if Frear doesn’t secretly savor feeling bad. If there’s an opportunity to mock an uncaring universe, this is an opportunity Frear doesn’t let go to waste.

Dubbing his brand of post-alternative music “vocabulary rock”, Frear aims to shift the emphasis away from the man and towards the music and lyrics, while inviting the listener to commiserate together through this exploration of grief, depression and sadness.

“I try to put less emphasis on sticking to one type of music and more emphasis on crafting songs with strong lyrics. So I’m really just trying to write in a way that the music compliments the lyrical meaning. And I think that can make pinning down my musical style a little more difficult. Broadly speaking, I cut my teeth on the post-punk guitar records of the late 90’s and early aughts and I think those influences still come through in the way I write music,” says Leon Frear.

“Musically, I grew up listening to a lot of punk and indie bands. And the biggest influences for me are people I can admire for the way they behave and the way they treat people. Vanessa from Pylon, punk icons like Roger Miller and Patti Smith. Or bands who have had honorable careers like Fugazi or REM. These are the artists who I strive the most to be like.”

The ‘Wild‘ album is out now, available digitally from fine music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Also pressed on double vinyl for maximum fidelity, this first run pressing is limited to 100 copies.

Music and lyrics written by Leon Frear
Recorded by Leon Frear in his Chicago home studio
Mastering by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Studios
Vocals and instruments performed by Leon, except
Faye Whitt – backup vocals on ‘Murder of Crows’
Front cover collage by Faye Whitt
Ronald Grandpey – Director / animator for ‘Secret Second Moon’ video
Artist photos by Jeremy Glickstein

01 . A Town Called Chapel
02 . A Morning House
03 . She Fed Me Water
04 . A Morning Waltz
05 . Secret Second Moon
06 . A Harvestman
07 . A Murder of Crows
08 . Foie Gras
09 . Sweet Dreams Say Goodbye
10 . Drowning Horses